LGBTQ Viewers Are Panicking After Netflix Says it Might Cancel “One Day At A Time”

Is this Sense8 all over again?

Fans of Netflix series One Day At A Time are worried that the streaming channel may cancel the comedy.

One Day At A Time is a family sitcom reboot of the 1970s show of the same name. The show follows a Cuban-American family dealing with issues like gay teens, Latin pride, PTSD, family feuds, sexual consent, and more. All while keeping the family first message reminiscent of 1980s-1990s television.

Several LGBTQ people fell in love with the show for the teenaged character Elena (played by Isabella Gomez). The character comes out as a lesbian in season one and soon after starts dating a non-binary friend named Syd.

While the series dropped its third season earlier this month, there has currently been no word of a fourth season renewal. As such, several fans started to get nervous. Those nerves were confirmed when show co-creator Gloria Calderón Kellett shared on twitter that Netflix was considering canceling the show.

The other co-creator Isabella Gomez joined in to urge fans to action.

That’s when the hashtag #RenewODAAT started trending on Twitter.

Perhaps this will be another Sense8 situation where the fan outcry will inspire Netflix executives keep the series. Though in that case, it was only for a 2 hour finale special.

If you’re a fan of One Day At A Time or of LGBTQ content, make sure to watch the series while Netflix is still deciding!

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  1. i love this show. it funny.

    i love this show. it funny. caring, struggling, laughing, and real. love the music the dancing , learning about cuba, its great,


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