Lil Nas X Pens a Heartfelt Message for Gay Fans in Saudi Arabia

Lil Nas X recently wrote a heartfelt message for his gay fans in Saudi Arabia after his 2021 song “Sun Goes Down” briefly topped iTunes in the country.

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The hit single is one of the songs in his MONTERO album, and it is considered as a queer anthem. In “Sun Goes Down,” Lil Nas X expresses his sentiments on wanting to run away from his own identity.


Some parts of the lyrics read:

“I wanna run away/Don’t wanna lie, I don’t want a life.”

“These gay thoughts would always haunt me/I prayed God would take it from me/It’s hard for you when you’re fighting/And nobody knows it when you’re silent.”

And the song ends with the line:

“I know that you want to cry/But it’s much more to life than dying.”


Saudi Arabia is a country known for its oppressive anti-gay laws, hence why Lil Nas X sent an uplifting message for his gay fans, writing:

“to my gays fans from saudi arabia reading this, i hope this song is getting you through whatever you’re going through and i hope someday soon the laws against us change and you can be free in your own home.”


Moreover, those who are found guilty of homosexuality, cross-dressing and being transgender will have to face possible penalties, including flogging, life imprisonment and even death penalty under Islamic Sharia law in Saudi Arabia. Not to mention, there have also been reports of beating and torture while in custody.

It remains unclear as to what urged Lil Nas X’s “Sun Goes Down” to re-enter the iTunes chart. However at the end of March this year, Eden Knight, a young Saudi transgender woman, took her own life after being coerced to detransition.

Here’s Lil Nas X’s “Sun Goes Down” music video to lift up our spirits a bit:

Sending love and hope to the LGBTQ+ community in Saudi Arabia and all over the globe. <3


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  1. Love that he addressed his gay fans in Saudi Arabia. My family is from there and I actually have 2 gay cousins living there and their family disowned them. So I also dedicate this to all the gays there at home : I hope someday soon the laws against us (gay boys) change and you can be free in your own home.


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