Litigious Anti-LGBT Groups Attempt to Cease Drag Queen Story Time

Drag Queen Story Time is an event in which drag performers read stories to children in order for them to experience and appreciate differences within people, as well as give children LGBTQ role models. Drag Queen Story Time allows children to suspend belief and explore their imagination.


However, not everyone is pleased with this activity being offered to their children and the children in their communities. Warriors for Christ and Special Forces of Liberty, two anti-LGBT groups, filed lawsuits in federal court on September 19th in order to stop Drag Queen Story Time scheduled to be hosted in Lafayette Main Library in Lafayette, Indiana. Chris Sevier, the person who filed the lawsuits, considers himself to be an influential person within Special Forces of Liberty. 

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Take A Seat, Drag Queen Storytime Is About To Begin!

In the past, Chris Sevier sued multiple states because they would not recognize his marriage to his computer, which was clearly in protest of the Supreme Court's ruling in the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges case. Sevier is a former lawyer and a law graduate from Vanderbilt University.


Sevier believes that Drag Queen Story Time brainwashes and indoctrinates children into adopting a morally relativistic worldview of gender identity, sex, and marriage and wishes for it to be shut down completely. 

The event is scheduled for October 6th at the Lafayette Main Library in Lafayette, Indiana.







2 thoughts on “Litigious Anti-LGBT Groups Attempt to Cease Drag Queen Story Time”

  1. ” as well as give children

    " as well as give children LGBTQ role models."

    It is misleading to make of drag a representation of LGB. Drag is a job and sometime even a fetish; it has no direct connection with nor is drag conditioned by sexual orientation. Drag is no role model of LGB. Assuming a fake personality is not what a role model should be.


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