LOOK: Matthew William Bishop Strips in Nothing but Neon for Summer!

Matthew William Bishop is summer ready with his neon green swimming trunks on while glistening wet under the Miami sun.

The ‘American Horror Story: NYC’ actor recently posted a series of photos wearing said neon trunks, which accentuated his curves even more when it got wet because of his shower moment…

“Instant summer recipe: just add water and heat. stay tuned for more cooking tips 
New shots by @gatoriveroph 
Swimwear by @herculesnewyork,” he wrote on the caption.



Understandably so, the comments section are filled with THIRST and admiration, and here are some of them:

“Big daddy!”


“You’ve never looked better!!”

“Looking very fine”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Bishop also gave his followers two bonus snaps wearing the neon trunks, which he captioned:


“Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose.

New shots by @gatoriveroph
Swimwear by @herculesnewyork”


Meanwhile, here’s what the comments are saying:

“You continue to look even more amazing. And also Happy Pride”

“Soo hot amazing how the camera loves you!!”


“can i have a signed print”

“The sexiest….and it sits to the right”

Aside from being an actor, Bishop is also a bodybuilder, and he recently competed at the Miami Muscle Beach Contest where he placed 1st in both Men’s Bodybuilding Open Superheavyweight and Men’s Novice Heavyweight.

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