Loud Mouth Azealia Banks Blasts Wendy Williams!

Loud Mouth Azealia Banks Blasts Wendy Williams!

Did Banks Cross The Line To Despicable!

#WHAT! Lord, help me! On Wendy Williams birthday? Really? This afternoon I literally posted about the wonderful birthday celebration Williams had featuring 80s Pop Icon, Taylor Dayne. Now, in walks the always controversial-with-something-to-say Rapper, Azealia Banks, throwing some horrid words at Williams. It wasn’t long ago Banks had some choice words for RuPaul, claiming the legendary Drag Queen had ripped off her song. Initially you want to feel bad for Banks because she plays an angry victim so well, until you realize there are countless times she’s gone on homophobic rants. So, girl – bye to begin with! But, now she’s coming after the Gossip Queen Williams herself.

If you’re an avid Wendy Watcher as I am, you’ll know Williams just spoke about Banks on Tuesday, July 17th’s show during Hot Topics. Williams discussed the allegations of Banks being featured on Nick Cannon’s MTV series, Wild ‘N Out, where she was allegedly roasted and called ugly to the point of tears and a tantrum. Banks took to social media and poked fun at Cannon who is living with Lupus. Williams believes Azealia’s anger and constant feuding with Celebrities is hurting her career: Duh!  So, as she does: Williams openly said that on her talk show. Banks was listening and didn’t like it.

According to Page Six, Banks took to her Instagram Story and wished death upon Williams. Banks said:

“Omg can Wendy Williams have another stroke on TV and finally drop dead? I would love to see her die on air.”

Some savvy Twitter User snapped the caption right away:

Banks is obviously referring to Williams’ fainting on her 2017 Halloween episode. She’s since deleted the Insta-Story text and replaced it with allegations that African-American children get called ugly each day. She swore Cannon was a former Nickelodeon-type personality and didn’t expect the roast on his show to go as far as it did. Check out her latest post below:

I really- ugh – really want to like Banks. She has an impressive line of work. The only person holding her back is honestly herself. Damn it, girl. You could’ve had it all! I think it’s just a little too late for a comeback – or ever was – now…

This article originally appeared on Page Six.

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