‘Love Actually’ Turns 20. This Holiday Favorite is a Tear-Jerker x 6

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There’s no denying that the holiday season is very emotional time for many of us. It’s a  time we like to be around love ones, a time where we miss loved ones, it’s a time that we may realize we don’t have a lot of loved ones and we would love to have some more loved ones in our lives. I think all those emotions are beautifully wrapped up in Love Actually, one of my favorite movies of all time. Is it because I do have loved ones or want more loved ones, I think yes.

Our friends joke that there are six times in Love Actually that we’re all gonna cry at, no matter how many times you watch, no matter who we watch it with, no matter how we’re feeling at the time.  


I just watched this movie once again, I think I do watch it at least once a year since it came out in 2003, and I thought I would write down the times when I tear up.  Do these 6 scenes do it for you? And if you’ve never seen the movie, do not watch anything below, go and watch the whole movie and then come back.

In the order they appear in the movie, here they are.

1. Wedding scene when the congregation starts singing “All You Need Is Love”

This is a cute scene and one that I would probably, well yes, definitely tear up at if it happened at my wedding. It might be the weakest of the 6 for tears, but it does get you.



2. “It’s my favorite time of day, driving you.”

Both of Jamie and Aurelia’s touching moments do not have a familiar or well known song, but almost like a love ballad in the background.

3. “They’re all of me.” – “Here with Me” – Dido

This one got you in the throat as Mark cannot disappear fast enough from Juliet’s presence.


4. Unwrapping Joni Mitchell and Karen listens to “Both Sides Now”

Emma Thompson’s acting in this scene is the BEST and most powerful in the movie out of any of the actors. Where do we go from here Karen?

5. Say it’s Carol Singers – “Silent Night” – “Enough, Enough now.”

What did that kiss mean at the end?


6. The restaurant proposal.

It’s fun, a little too interjected with comedy attempts from the sister and the father, but it was still emotional. 

There were many other smiling, funny, heart-warming scenes, but these six are the ones that always get me. 

How did I do?  Did I miss some snot-producing tear-jerking moments? Let us know in the comments here or on Facebook.

Universal Studios Press Release

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  1. Yes when she is getting it on with her co worker and has to go to her brother, Heart breaking, she just keeps giving to others and no happiness for herself. so beautiful and sad and poignant.


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