Love Wins, According To These Mid-Pandemic Wedding Photos

Image Courtesy of César Salza and Kyle Hill.

One San Francisco couple didn’t let the current pandemic stop them from honoring their love… or a photoshoot!

When the lockdown of cities and states started to get serious back in March, César Salza and Kyle Hill weren’t sure when they’d be able to have the big and beautiful wedding ceremony they were hoping to host. Because of this, they decided to have a quick wedding on April 18 in a friend’s backyard. Thankfully, they had already received a marriage license before the city of San Francisco stopped issuing them. They then invited eight close friends to the event and the adjoining photoshoot with Kauhi Hookano.


“We had planned on something in June but we realized quickly with COVID-19 that it wouldn’t be possible,” Hill told the Bay Area Reporter in a phone interview.

“The pandemic couldn’t stop us,” Salza wrote on Instagram. “Don’t worry we practiced social distancing with the rest of witnesses.”

You can check out a few of their images down below.



But how did the two meet? 34-year-old Salza, who was born in Caracas, Venezuela despite being a native of Spain, came to San Francisco two years ago as a journalist for CNET en Español. Meanwhile, interior designer Hill, 36, is from Ohio and moved to San Francisco three years ago. The two then met through Tinder.

“The question is always who swiped right first,” Hill told B.A.R. “We started chatting and I tend to be more shy on dating apps but we decided to meet, and we met, and here we are.”

The couple later got engaged in December with plans to marry in June. Now that the plan has changed, they hope to go on a honeymoon in Mexico sometime next year.

Congratulations to the happy couple. Thank you for sharing your story, your love, and your happiness with the world.

Source: Bay Area Reporter

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