Madonna Celebrates Son Rocco Ritchie’s 22nd Birthday

The Queen of Pop Madonna recently celebrated her son Rocco Ritchie’s 22nd birthday in Italy, and she posted a series of photos from their big family celebration.

The first photo was of the mother and son, which really showed off how handsome the 22-year-old artist is. The comments section of her post was filled with greetings for the birthday celebrant, as well as praises for Madonna’s hot son.


One comment said:

“Rocco is so handsome, he has your beautiful eyes.”

And another even pointed out that Rocco looks so much like his father Guy Ritchie.

“He looks A LOT like Guy.”


Of course, there’s also the usual thirst comment:

“He’s so hot (insert three fire emojis here).”

Aside from being known as the handsome son of the Queen of Pop, Rocco has also been making a name for himself in the art world. In fact, his works has been selling at the King’s Road gallery Tanya Baxter Contemporary since 2018.


He has been creating impressive 20th century-inspired artworks under the pseudonym ‘Rhed,’ and his identity remained anonymous until recently. According to Tatler, Rocco is currently earning a Fine Arts degree at the Central Saint Martins in London.


Furthermore, he is reportedly inspired by the world-renowned street artist Banksy, which probably had an influence on his decision to put his works under a pseudonym for years. Rocco’s works have received mixed critical response, however despite that, he has been touted as the ‘next Basquiat.’


3 thoughts on “Madonna Celebrates Son Rocco Ritchie’s 22nd Birthday”

  1. Props on the kid for selling his art under a name that doesn’t trade on either Guy or Madonna, unlike Biden’s son (and no, I’m not an Orange Man supporter). Most of it is not my taste as I tend to more abstract stuff but he’s also just starting out, I know there’s stuff I did in art school that I would not really want a bunch of strangers making comments on today.

    As for his ‘hot[ness],’ as a guy, he does nothing for me.

    As for HER face, “B.” sweetie, when you’re in your 60s, if you can afford to have work done, trust me, you would pay for it and shut your mouth about others doing it.


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