Making Penises Larger By Touching & Praying. The Religious Approach.

It's the hands on approach to "healing?"

A Ghanaian bishop / preacher Daniel Obinim claims he can enlarge body parts by massaging them.  What has he had his hands on?  Well, penises of course!  He's been filmed performing the ritual, moving around his congregation with men all lined up at the front as he grabs them each by the crotch. There's more than grabbing.  I guess he finds some that need a shake and a rub or three.

Don't fear, he's and equal opportunity groper, massager, healer.  He also offers to massage women’s breasts so that they may be blessed and grow, too.




Could this be for fertility or is it all about growth? 

I would say this is fake news, but, I mean, there's video. 



What do you think?