Malaysia & The War on Swatch Watches

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Imagine getting that triggered by a watch? 

On Thursday, August 10th, the country of Malaysia announced that it was banning any Swatch watches that have a rainbow or an assortment of colors on it. Imagine, as a world body, that that is your primary focus. Not medical advances or military protocols or politics but banning the evil gay watches


If found with a rainbow Swatch watch, Malaysia may slap you with a three-year prison sentence and a fine that equals $4,300 in US dollars. This includes anyone who manufactures, imports, sells or wears the watches as well as any and all accessories. 

News flash: a rainbow isn’t strictly a gay design. Rainbows exist naturally in nature when light passes through… You know what? Let me just cap it with “exists naturally in nature.” 


A statement from the Malaysian government, as provided by CNN, reads: 

Swatch products have been banned as they are detrimental, or possibly detrimental, to morality, the public interest and national interest by promoting, supporting and normalizing the LGBTQ movement which is not accepted by the general public of Malaysia. The Malaysian government states again its commitment to ensuring public safety and peace by monitoring and controlling all forms of publications to curb the spread of elements, teachings and movements that contradict the local socio-cultural setup.


OK, well, at least we’re not named after one of the Basketball Wives on VH1…

Swatch has since countered with its own statement, also provided by CNN:

We strongly contest that our collection of watches using rainbow colors and having a message of peace and love could be harmful for whomever. On the contrary, Swatch always promotes a positive message of joy in life. This is nothing political. We wonder how the Malaysian government will confiscate the many beautiful natural rainbows that show up in the skies above Malaysia.

See, we think alike. 


The 1975 Said No Thanks to Anti-Gay Laws • Instinct Magazine

According to Macro Trends, Swatch Group was worth an estimated 44,000,000,000 as of 2022, so I doubt that they’re going to bat an eye at this loss of investment. 


Malaysia is one of the countries where it is still illegal to be gay. If caught, citizens could face a prison sentence of up to twenty years. 

This is why we continue to fight, not just for our freedom in America but for your freedoms overseas as well. We’re the LGBT community and a community has no borders.

Now… Who wants to order some Swatches? 

Source: CNN

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  1. I mean imagine being triggered by a gay watch. LOL. To be fair every time anyone I know talks about rainbows or wears rainbow stuff it’s associated or has to do with gay rights.


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