Man Dancing To Gangnam Style Accidentally Shoots & Kills Wedding Guests

A wedding that quickly turned into a massacre in Yemen after a man accidentally fires his AK47 while dancing to "Gangnam Style" is making headlines today. At least three people have died from the accident, with many others seriously injured. 

The practice of celebratory gun firing is widespread amongst revelers in the region, and not without incident. In 2011, around 100 people were injured during celebrations of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Head to NYDN for the graphic video. 

6 thoughts on “Man Dancing To Gangnam Style Accidentally Shoots & Kills Wedding Guests”

  1. I am wondering why the hell

    I am wondering why the hell this man thought it would think it is OK to bring an AK 47 to a wedding and dance while holding it. What the fuck is wrong with people? I am really doubting that this was an innocent accident.

  2. Jeremiah… It’s called

    Jeremiah… It's called freedom of speech, and censorship… Nobody told you to come and view the video… Nor did they hold a gun to your head to do just the same. You saw the warning… You are like a child whom is told not to touch the stove, that it is hot, and do it anyways and complain about it being hot… You were warned. We as a nation are censored and coddled too much as it is… I feel that this is a perfect example. Thanks for posting this "Instinct Magazine". We need to know such things as this are going on, and more. Makes me feel that I can depend on you when it comes to more serious stories without anything being left out or watered down. Keep up the good work.

  3. Such a horrific story, but

    Such a horrific story, but real life and relevant, i think. i, unlike Jeremiah, will not pull the wool over my eyes, thanks for not censoring reality.

  4. Warning Graphic is an

    Warning Graphic is an understatement.  Made me sick to my stomach.  Don't post crap like this on your webpage.  I really can't believe you would post this on your feed.

    • Well this is a journalist
      Well this is a journalist publication that offers a wide variety of articles Jeremiah. Are you hoping they only publish articles and videos of only half naked gay men only. They did warn of the graphic content. It was your choice to click on the “crap”. As you so eloquently put it! I like the variety that Instinct offers! Kudos guys!


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