Marvel Issues Warning After Waititi’s Threeway Kiss

Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth in Waititi’s Production Wrap announcement. / Image via Instagram @taikawaititi

Taika Waititi got into a little trouble with Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios after he had a three-way makeout session.

Last week, the paparazzi released pictures of Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi and his girlfriend Rita Ora making out with Thor actress Tessa Thompson. The pictures show the director, 45, in Sydney throwing his arms around the “Anywhere” singer, 30, and the actress who plays the MCU’s Valkyrie, 37. The three then sport big smiles as they kiss away.


The photos found their way online, mostly on Twitter and TikTok, and got many people talking about the not-so-private moment.


But according to the Daily Telegraph, Marvel executives also saw those pictures and they weren’t too happy. An insider who’s close to Thor: Love and Thunder, which finished production yesterday, said Marvel executives thought the photos were “not exactly the image they’re looking to project in relation to one of their biggest franchises.”


The insider added that despite Waititi being known as a “party animal,” the Marvel bosses thought the pictures “crossed a line.”

But what about Tessa Thompson? The actress shared that she’s “attracted to men and also to women,” in 2018. She said so while publically dating singer Janelle Monáe. The two, however, broke up shortly after.

But wait. Is she currently dating someone else? While not confirmed, there’s a rumor that Tess Thompson is currently dating the other man who was sitting on that balcony. Some photos show her kissing the man after the moment.


But all this is just celebrity gossip. Fun celebrity gossip, but still their lives to live. When it comes to queer representation, however, it looks like Waititi and Thompson aren’t going to leave us hanging.

Back in 2019, Thompson shared during the Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con that her character Valkyrie will be looking for her queen in Thor: Love and Thunder. (And let’s not forget Waititi playing gay alien Korg). Maybe, that storyline is the “Love” part of that title. We’ll have to wait and see as Thor: Love and Thunder will not debut until February 11, 2022.

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  1. Marvel is proud to announce their first gay superhero, and one of the Russo brothers played a gay man in Endgame, but how dare real human beings engage in such filthy behavior.

    Shame on you Disney/Marvel

    • Wait, what??? I thought Waititi was gay! He is so grossly flamboyant and has, throw the legs in the air look to him, im not the only one that thinks this. He has the mouth that only a cock would like.


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