Massachusetts Choir Teacher Surprised By Students Who Sang At His Wedding Rehearsal

Get ready to cry.


A middle school choir teacher was surprised by his students with a performance at his wedding’s rehearsal brunch.

Christopher Landis was preparing to marry his fiancé Joe Michienzie when he got quite the surprise, according to the Patriot Ledger.

Two parents of Landis’ students organized four Sunday rehearsals with the help of 50 kids and their parents. They then got all of the kids on a bus and drove 30 miles to appear at Landis’ wedding rehearsal.

Said Joy Foraste, one of the two leading parents, about the surprise performance:


“It was so wonderful for the kids to see him with his family and his close friends, and they saw him as a person, not just their teacher. They saw how much it meant to him. He immediately started crying and the kids started crying. It’s something they’ll never forget.”

Of course, there were people ready to record the whole moment and post it online for everyone to see. And now that video has been viewed more than 800k times on Facebook.

If you want to add more views to the wonderful video, you can watch it down below.

h/t: The Patriot Ledger


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  1. So incredibly amazing. Kids

    So incredibly amazing. Kids and Parents showing love and respect to a teacher the kids obviously adore.  Countdown til a million right wing nut bag smcubags heads begin to explode .10,9,8,7….….


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