Max Emerson Exchanges Nudes with A Fellow Max

Model Max Emerson has become quite the popular guy to feature here on Instinct Magazine, and rightfully so.  He recently went for a dip in the water, and forgot his swimsuit in doing so (but showed off his amazing buns).  Not only that, but he also did some skinny dipping that left very little to the imagination. 

Suffice to say, Max is giving us what we want, and we aren't complaining whatsoever as the 29 year old Vero Beach native is consistently posing for some of the hottest photos on the web. This latest one from him is no different.

He finds himself in a room with another Max, who he calls his "fake boyfriend", and also happens to be straight.  His name is also, Max, or Max Domosai, and he is quite delicious as well.  Could this be a battle of "who is the hotter Max?" because we would have a hard time figuring that out for ourselves.

You be the judge in your own edition of WWYR, which Max better suits you? 

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