Max Emerson Shows Off His Gorgeous Cakes Down Under

Model Max Emerson has run into a big issue:  he can't seem to find his pants, and as a result, has gone totally commando down under in Australia.  Not that we are complaining at all.

He just posted his latest photo in a series of his visit to the country that just legalized same-sex marriage earlier this month, and it's quite different from the ones he was posting earlier.

Sure, there's one of him at an amusement park called Luna Park, where he doesn't seem to be having that great of a time.


Are we having fun yet? @sarahbenmrad

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He also posted a rare fully clothed photo on Christmas, where his equally as cute friend donned nothing but a pair of boxers and gift wrapping all over his body.


I came to #Australia so I could open my present FIRST. @sarahbenmrad

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He also was clearly not having it when his friend was having a blast with a Koala and he wasn't.


Never been the jealous type before today. #marriageEkoalaty @hollyhales_

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Which that all culminated in the booty revealing post he just made earlier today.

Hope you find those pants, Max.  Or not. 

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