Megan Mullally Opens Up About Those Debra Messing Feud Rumors

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Megan Mullally spoke about those Debra Messing feud rumors in a new interview with The New York Post on Wednesday, October 9. 

A conspiracy theory started going around in August 2019 about why Will & Grace was cancelled when fans noticed that Debra, 51, and Megan, 60, unfollowed one another on social media.


Everyone from the primary cast (Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes) still follow each other minus the two funny ladies, leading many to believe that the show got the ax for personal reasons and not professional ones.

Megan was confronted about those rumors in her interview, jokingly saying “You mean like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford?”


The Emmy-winning actress intensified those allegations when she posted and deleted an Instagram story on Tuesday, August 13, that talked about her feeling “the best” now that she’s lost her “attachment to somebody.”

“I don’t know, I don’t feel anything about it,” she said in response to her social media behavior. “I can’t be responsible for what people think about my Instagram. It’s weird that people would even notice things, that kind of freaks me out.”

Eric, 56, denied that there were any problems between Debra and Megan last month. “It seems crazy. It is crazy!” he told Us Weekly exclusively at the Project Angel Food Angel Awards Gala on Saturday, September 14 about their alleged feud. “I think people worried about that entirely too much.”


“The four of us get along like a house on fire, we always have,” he added about the bond shared between him, Debra, Megan and Sean, 49. 

No premiere date has been announced just yet for the final season of Will & Grace. It is expected to make its debut sometime in 2020.

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  1. Debra can’t stand Megan, because Megan actually has talent, Debra does not. Megan carried that show, everyone knows it even Debra.


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