Melania Trump Wore A Jacket Reading “I Really Don’t Care” On Her Way To a Child Detention Center

Were the “Let Them Eat Cake” jackets sold out in your size, Melania?

As if this whole saga couldn’t get more disturbing, today first lady Melania Trump boarded a jet to make a surprise visit to a child detention center in Texas—sporting a green jacket saying “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?


The $39 jacket from Zara would be tasteless in any context, but here it’s something like chilling, not to mention infuriating.

Was it an oversight? Mrs. Trump’s spokeswoman says so. On Twitter, Stephanie Grisham scolded U.S. media for focusing on the stylistic choice.


Mrs. Trump was not wearing the green jacket when she got off the plane in Texas, instead sporting a cream-colored ensemble.

Her tour of the federally funded Upbring New Hope Children's Shelter in McAllen, Texas, housing dozens of Central American children is a ploy to smooth out the firestorm her husband’s administration has incited over separating families and children.

Is this what it looks like to “Be Best?”

Do you think this was a tone deaf mistake, or a deliberate message?


In conclusion, here's what the president of the United States had to say on the matter:


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  1. Frankly, I think it’s both a

    Frankly, I think it's both a tone deaf mistake and deliberate message. I have lost any respect I may have had for not only these Potatates (I can't use that other P word in their case). I have lost all respect for Congress for allowing this to happen. The lies he's telling about her coat referring to fake news and her poor taste in wearing this coat in the first place are the last straw. Our country is beyond logical, we're quickly turning into Nazi Germany and far too many bigoted organizations are using these actions to their advantage.  This is just so very wrong!

    Best nothing, to quote Dan Savage, "Impeach the Motherfucker Already!"



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