Memorial Flashback 2017: Drag Drama: Tyra Sanchez (Falsely) Announces The Death Of Morgan McMichaels, But That’s Not The Whole Story

As many of our writers enjoy the Memorial Day weekend here in the US by traveling to see family or hanging with friends, we look back at the top 2 stories from this weekend in the past years of 2013 to the present. Here's the Top Story from 2017.

Late last night, there was some piping hot RuPaul's Drag Race T brewing, and it involved season two queens Tyra Sanchez and Morgan McMichaels.

Morgan's fans and friends were shocked and alarmed to encounter a Facebook post that appeared to announce her untimely death.

However, it wasn't long after the post, shared by Drag Race season two winner Tyra Sanchez, went up, that it was deduced that the entire thing was a lie. 

Paulo Arabejo (aka Jiggly Caliente) was among the first Drag Race queens to condemn Tyra's post.

In fact, an hour after Tyra shared the above photo, Morgan, herself, gave fans some insight as to what was happening behind the scenes.

Shortly after performing in her birthday show at Toucans Tiki Lounge in Palm Springs, last night, Morgan went live on Facebook to explain that Tyra's offensive post was likely her way of lashing out over the loss of a booking at Micky's nightclub in West Hollywood.   

Evidently, Tyra had recently shared a (now edited) post in which she demeaned Morgan's good friend and fellow Drag Race season two queen, Raven.

"When you attack one of my family, and one of my friends, then I take issue."

In response to Tyra's offending post, Morgan contacted the management at Micky's to say that she'd like to withdraw from her forthcoming birthday show at the West Hollywood nightclub, in which she, Tyra, and Raven had all been booked. 

"After that post, I called the manager of Micky's this morning, and I told him, 'Look, I'm not happy with this situation. I'm going to take myself out.'"

However, according to Morgan, the management at Micky's decided that ultimately, they'd rather retain her booking.

"It was decided by the management that more people would come to see me at Micky's than they would Tyra. 

"It's my birthday….They are gonna come for my birthday, and I'm grateful for that."

Then this morning, Tyra went live to share her side of the story.

"I apologize for posting the picture that Morgan McMichaels passed away.

"I understand that was wrong, and I understand the magnitude of what I have caused to many of you, reading your comments." 

Tyra then proceeds to explains why she's not taking the post down.


What is your take on this RuPaul's Drag Race drama?

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