Merging Hilarity With Music, Jake Jacob Drops The Ultra Sexy ‘Power Bottom’ Video

Merging his on-point comedic instincts with some sultry adult film stars and a couple of our favorite drag queens has made Jake Jacob’s new video a fall music must-watch. Jake might be making hilarious musical content now, but its his previous iteration that makes his newfound success that much sweeter. Jake and I recently chatted about his new single, the behind the scenes scoop on getting so many amazing cameos, & who some of his biggest dream collaborators are.

Michael Cook: ‘Power Bottom’ is truly a unique single; how did you come up with the idea for the single?


Jake Jacob: I started doing stand-up comedy last year and was finally starting to be booked when the world came to a screeching halt. People always said a favorite of my sets were little bits of parodies I’d sing live. I never thought to do whole songs and videos until I was sitting at home in March drinking too much. I did a few about quarantining and several gay-themed ones. When ‘WAP’ came out was when the light clicked; I thought, “if they can say that, then my parodies might work.”

MC: The video features drag performers like Meatball and Love Connie. How did these performers get involved and what made you choose them in particular?

JJ: The secret sauce to all of the performers and helping my idea come to life was Brad Hammer. I met him through a mutual friend and shared my song. He is the expert and he is the one who suggested the cast. After seeing their other work, I just knew that we could make something that was the humorous distraction I intended to create.


MC: Some of the porn performers featured in the video are very familiar to many of us, like Beaux Banks. Was it hard to get these performers involved? What was it like working with them on set? Any behind the scenes dish?

JJ: Ughh, too many sexy men alert! I was like Holly Golightly at a Tiffany’s window, just staring at the fine works of art. Everyone was very friendly and absolute troopers. We found out the morning of the shoot that our set was not air conditioned. I tried desperately to rent a large portable, none available. I even drove around that morning to every store I could think that might carry any AC’s. All of them said they were “out of season”, It was 105 degrees that day in Los Angeles.


MC: What made you get involved in creating interesting and entertaining music? Did you always know you’d be a performer?

JJ: I had to try it. I’ve written many songs and parodies and decided I have to take this leap. Stand-up is not an avenue that’s readily available rn; so I’m meshing those worlds together in a way that can reach people in the safety of their home.

MC: Are there any performers that you would love to collaborate with and make some music with?

JJ: Todrick Hall immediately jumps to mind. I want to be producing things at that level. I’d also love to write some stuff for RuPaul one day.


MC: What’s next for you musically?

JJ: I was a prominent and award-winning ‘Southern Gospel’ artist in my 20’s. I was outed, lost everything and thought I’d never sing again. If you don’t know what southern gospel is, just imagine a banjo and a harmonica have sex, and the baby is Jesus! Which is how you can be sure Mary was a virgin, … cause with a harmonica there’s only blowing, and only fingering on the banjo.

One of the most tragic losses from that time was the Christmas album I was working on. This thanksgiving I’m releasing a Christmas EP called ‘Songs of a Distant Christmas’ A gay music video for one of the songs will come out mid December with a full album next year.


MC: How have you stayed inspired and creative during this crazy time in our country?

JJ: I think this craziness has only enabled me to create more. I have a few more parody videos that I’m working on for early 2021. And several original songs that I’m tracking now. My insta @Jakeinpix has a few of the other parodies and my first original comedy song, “Why Did God Give Shawn Mendes Everything”.

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