Miami Creates A Gay(er) Beach For Us To Enjoy

Credit: Project Publicity

We each have our favorite. Admittedly, I’ve been to my fair share across Europe (Sitges near Barcelona, Elia in Mykonos, Torremolinos in Málaga) as well as in America. Los Angeles has Will Rogers State Beach. Orange County has Laguna Beach, and then further south is Blacks Beach (just follow the Marines from Fort Pendleton). And now Miami has made it official. On Thursday, March 11th, the Miami Beach City Commissioner (Michael Góngora) officiated at the ribbon cutting that extended the gay beach on 12th Street to include the access at 11th Street, as reported in the Miami Herald.


With the expansion of an already decidedly gay stretch of sand (located in front of the iconic drag bar “The Palace” on Ocean Drive), this new and improved Miami Beach hot spot is free to the public and easily found with the rows of rainbow flags (and six-pack abs) visible to the casual thirsty observer.

Life is hopefully returning to normal as COVID vaccinations begin to penetrate around the country, and as warmer weather promises summer romances and vacation getaways, Miami has just upped the ante when considering where to spend our gay dollars. 

For me the perfect gay beach is a combination of pristine sand and warm water, a variety of guys for all tastes (both quality and quantity), and easy access to amenities such as food, drink, and hotels. Inevitably a day at a gay beach will lead to a night at a gay bar, and this in turn can probably lead to an evening in a gay bed. At least that is the cliché, but as the saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s a flaming queen…er… fire.


One of the best attributes of Miami Beach is that it has all of these, and as the gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America it is a favorite destination for men of every race, both young and old. There is so much to see and do in South Florida, from day trips to Key West, to exploring the colorful neighborhoods of Miami and South Beach, the now expanded gay beach of Miami beckons.

South Beach Miami
Photo by One Shot from Pexels

Source: Miami Herald

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