Michael Costello’s Accusations Brings Forth Racist Rumors Against Him

Fashion designer Michael Costello (a Project Runway alumni), added fuel to the Chrissy Teigen fire this week when he alleged the model and TV personality cyber bullied him with hate speech and had him blackballed in the industry. A lot of people were quick to show their support for Costello but little did he realize his allegations against Teigen would open up a very large can of worms for himself.

Since the Teigen drama has unfolded (centered around the cyber bullying of Courtney Stodden, where she wished she would kill herself along with  harassing a plethora of other female celebrities publicly and privately) Teigen has suffered professionally. She has since been dropped from sponsors, dropped by all major retailers like Macy’s, Target and Bloomingdales (who carried the models products) and she conveniently  decided to “walk away” from her commitment with Netflix’s Never Have I Ever.


Adding fuel to the fire this week was designer Costello who chose to speak out and address how Chrissy Teigen and former Kardashian’s stylist Monica Rose (allegedly) treated him just a few short years ago. Costello alleges that in 2014 Teigen and Rose cyber bullied him after racist rumors developed against the designer.

Teigen (L), Rose (R) / Credit: YouTube screen capture

Not only does Costello accuse Teigen and Rose of cyber bullying but he also alleges that they had him fired from several styling jobs and defamed his character in the industry. Costello revealed in his Instagram post that the experience left him severely depressed and suicidal.

I am certain that getting such a heavy load off your chest was a  cathartic experience for Costello. However, I don’t think he was anticipating what was to follow in the wake of his allegations. Since his emotional Instagram post, several women have come forward alleging the designer of being a racist, spewing hate speech and creating toxic work environments.

British singer Leona Lewis has since accused Costello of humiliating her in 2014 at a charity show. She alleges that Costello left her feeling insecure, uncomfortable and awkward after refusing to dress her for the show because she wasn’t model size. Costello has since offered a public apology to Lewis.

Credit: Leona Lewis’s Instagram

Designer Maxie James is accusing Costello of hurling racial slurs towards her in a fabric shop in downtown Los Angeles. She stated that after Costello called her a “Black N-word B—h”, things got physical and the incident almost resulted in James getting arrested.

And just this Thursday, former model and Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Falynn Guobadia said she had a similar experience to Leona Lewis with Costello, stating an experience with the designer and his team at a LA fashion show left her feeling embarrassed, uncomfortable and inadequate.

It is unfortunate that these talented individuals work hard their entire lives to finally find success – and then turn around and treat people cruel. Here’s to hoping everyone involved in the situation finds healing but most importantly, growth!

As of Friday, June, 18th – new allegations against Costello have developed. Jordan Liberty, who is a prominent fashion photographer accused Costello of sexual harassment. Liberty – who is a cancer survivor alleges that Costello contacted him via Instagram DM’s to meet up for a shoot. But instead of professional protocol, Costello barraged Liberty with a collage of dick pictures, suggesting more than just a professional relationship. Liberty responded saying while he was flattered, he wanted to keep things professional.

The next day, after Liberty reached out to Costello – Costello allegedly hung the phone up and blocked him. Liberty says he has been blocked ever since. He says since the incident he has have to seek a lot of therapy for the cutthroat treatment he was on the receiving end of. 

Chrissy Teigen and her team have since come out saying Costello faked the Instagram direct messages. Teigen’s team alleges the design background of Costello’s messages does not align with the layout of the Instagram  “app” at the time in which they were published. Costello has yet to respond to these new allegations.

John Legend (an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award winning performer, and husband of Teigen), has said just recently that the model and TV personality is doing great.

Do you believe the allegations Costello has accused Teigen and Rose of? Or even the ones that Costello himself is facing?

4 thoughts on “Michael Costello’s Accusations Brings Forth Racist Rumors Against Him”

  1. Too bad the media gave him the time of day. I do recall when he was called out for calling someone the N-word. Sadly, the press who seems to jump at any opportunity to make noise, jumped on his claims. The press has littered the internet and news with his lies/deceit. Thank goodness for one who took the time to really look at his claims and debunk them. We all have done things in our lives where we need to ask forgiveness. But what I can’t forgive is someone like Costello. Let’s hope that people get smart and boycott him for good. For his mental health, he is taking a rest from social media. For our mental health, let’s hope it’s permanent.

  2. Costello is a complete dick and a waste. Quit deflecting the shit you caused, Michael Costello and go away, you are a complete dirty mess.

  3. I agree, this guy whins about everything! Boo hoo cry me a river, I am 100% not buying his story. He is using this to stay relevant but sorry champ not working. Team Teigen.

  4. Sorry, but Costello this latest drama is not going to help your failing design career. He is a complete drama queen and should not be given 1 second of attention. Go away drama cry baby 🖕


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