Minister Fired for Liking and Posting Facebook Pictures Of a Same-Sex Wedding

As of June 26th, 2015, same-sex marriage has been recognized as a valid union across the entire United States. Most places have caught up to the times, but, unfortunately, there are certain places that are slow to the uptake. One such place is the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, where, according to News 5 Cleveland, they fired their minister, Keith Kozak, after he posted two Facebook posts that celebrated a same-sex wedding. The posts were of fellow Instinct blogger Adam Dupuis' friends, Jason and Kevin. Adam has written about them in his 2015 article "Gay Boys Everywhere Can Now Dream Of Their Own Fairy Tale Wedding. Here's Two To Get Those Dreams Started."

Keith attended the wedding and took pictures to celebrate his friends' love and marriage. Afterwards, he was called into a meeting where the thought that he was going to discuss an upcoming promotion with his boss.

Instead, they fired him.

Kozak never thought that he posted anything that would put his job in jeopardy, but according to the Cleveland diocese, showing support for a friend's happiness was too much. His supervisor and a member of the human resources team. They discussed the fact that he had liked a post supporting a same-sex couple and posted a few of the same wedding. The meeting ended quickly and he received a letter the next day saying that he was terminated from his position. Kozak never discussed his homosexuality with the Diocese, saying that he didn't think it was important. 

Keith says that he still believes in God but feels that the Catholic Diocese acted discriminatorily towards him for firing him for supporting same-sex marriage. The Diocese believes that Kozak's termination was appropriate.  

Like I mentioned before, many people in the US are in support of same-sex marriage but some still do not believe that it is moral. While there are many LGBT friendly religious organizations, the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland seems adamant in their disapproval of homosexuality. So adamant, in fact, that they would fire someone for supporting their friends who happen to be gay. It is my hope that most people will eventually support homosexuality across the globe and speaking out against injustices such as this is a great way to start. 

   h/t: News 5 Cleveland

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