Mississippi High School Stipulates That Students Can Only Bring Date of Opposite Sex

For many high school students, the prom is something that they have been looking forward to since their freshman year and for most of the students in Tremont Attendance Center in Mississippi, they can enjoy the popular dance with their dates, but not the LGBTQ students. No, they can't bring their same-sex date to the prom based on a written form that they have to sign to indicate that if they bring a date, it must be of the opposite sex, according to Yahoo.


This stipulation basically means that gay and lesbian students can't enjoy the prom in the same way as their heterosexual classmates, which is most definitely discrimination. Jack McCrory is the person who brought this form to light, as his niece currently attends Tremont Attendance Center. McCrory said that the people responsible for distributing the forms are members of the prom committee which consists of teachers from the high school. Some teachers on the committee are also parents. Additionally, the form prefaced an intercom announcement from the school's principal that told students that they were not allowed to bring same-sex dates. 

The current year argument is generally never a very strong argument in my mind but for this instance, it is warranted. It's 2019, not 1950. Why are schools still excluding and discriminating against same-sex couples? How are gay students hurting anyone by bringing their boyfriends or girlfriends? It makes no sense to me. 

h/t: Yahoo

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  1. As a Louisianian I too am not

    As a Louisianian I too am not happy with Corey's catch all classification of southerners.  And Robert, the school is part of the Itawamba County School District and is therefore supported by public monies.  The LGBTQ students need to at least contact the ACLU.  As taxpayers in the state and county, they have as much right to attend prom with whom ever they choose to as the next student does.

  2. Find someone of the opposite

    Find someone of the opposite gender to trade dates with then once at the Prom trade back


  3. I’m a Mississippian, and I’m

    I’m a Mississippian, and I’m not a bigot or racist! I’m white, and I have black family members. I’m also an educator. Is this a private school or a school supported with state/federal money? If they are the latter, then LGBT students have a lawsuit. They can not be discriminated against! 

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