Mo’Nique Is Suing Netflix

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Academy Award Winner, Mo’Nique, Is Suing Netflix With Claims Of Gender And Race Discrimination

Here she goes again! The incomparable stand up comedienne, Academy Award winning actress, and former host of Flavor of Love Charm School, Mo’Nique, is shading the OG streaming service, Netflix. Did I say shading – nope, she’s not throwing anymore shade their way – she’s suing them.

According to NBC News, Mo’Nique sued Netflix today accusing the company of racial and gender discrimination. Why? Because Mo’Nique wanted to be paid more than what they were offering her for a stand up comedy special. The streaming juggernaut, which has blessed us with many comedians like Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Wanda Sykes, Jerry Seinfeld, and Ellen DeGeneres, having a “comeback” via their platform, was only willing to pay Mo’Nique half a million dollars for her stand up special. Mo’Nique firmly believes she is getting the short end of the stick because she is an African American woman. She took to her Instagram to share a message stating:

“Hi My Loves. I can confirm that today I filed a pay discrimination lawsuit against Netflix. I had a choice to make: I could accept what I felt was pay discrimination or I could stand up for those who came before me and those who will come after me. I chose to stand up. I don’t have any further comment at this time, but I appreciate all of your support and love.”

The lawsuit claims that “despite Mo’Nique’s extensive resume and documented history of comedic success, when Netflix presented her with an offer of employment for an exclusive stand-up comedy special, Netflix made a lowball offer that was only a fraction of what Netflix paid other (non-Black female) comedians. When the talent was not a Black woman, Netflix offered to pay, and did pay, astronomically more than it pays to Black women like it offered to Mo’Nique.”

Mo’Nique was on one of the leading daytime talk shows, The View, back in February 2018 when she was trying to rally others to boycott Netflix due to what she is trying to sue for. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg tried to reason with her, stating Netflix needs to know you’ll be able to perform with high numbers and she has a past of troublesome behavior with business in Hollywood. Check out the video below:

Some may consider Mo’Nique outdated, but nevertheless, she’s still an Academy Award winner and a star. Perhaps it would’ve been a better idea for her to take the check and knock it out of the park as Chappelle has done so successfully over the last three years? Do you think Mo’Nique deserves to win the lawsuit over Netflix?

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