Montana Man Charged For Lovers’ Quarrel Turned Stabbing

Bradley Samuel Hoshor / Image via Flathead County sheriff’s office

A lovers’ quarrel between two Montana men turned violent and has resulted in court hearings.

According to the Missoulian, 21-year-old Bradley Samuel Hoshor has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault against a partner. The Whitefish, Montana man has been given these charges after he allegedly stabbed his boyfriend in an argument.

According to a complaint filed by U.S. Park Ranger Grant Brill, Hoshor was standing in a residence within Glacier National Park on July 19 with his boyfriend. As the boyfriend recounted to park rangers, the two had gotten into an argument earlier that night. The argument then continued after Hoshor’s boyfriend returned from drinking. The boyfriend says that Hoshor threw furniture at him. He also alleged that Hoshor grabbed and used a steak knife.

Hoshor, however, told the story differently. Hoshor, who had a swollen lip, bruising on the left side of his neck, a bite mark on his left thigh, and red coloring on his knuckles, shared that the two had been together since 2017. He then alleged that he woke up in bed to his partner punching him and hitting him with pieces of the nightstand. Hoshor said that he then fled to the bathroom until the rangers arrived. To defend his story, Hoshor alleged that there was a previous domestic violence incident between the two. In that incident, Hoshor said his boyfriend cut himself with a broken wine glass and blamed the wounds on Hoshor.

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Possibly, part of each man’s story is true. According to the Daily Inter Lake, park rangers arrived at the scene around 2:30 in the morning, they reportedly receiving initial resistance from the alleged victim. Hoshor’s boyfriend reportedly feared getting Hoshor into trouble with the law and feared talking to them. Upon investigating the scene of the crime, rangers found broken legs from a nightstand, and evidence of blood on the bed, carpet, and stairs.

After being questioned by park rangers, the boyfriend was transported to the Kalispell Regional Medical Center. There, doctors treated cuts at the victim’s stomach and right leg. The victim also had scratches on his back and swelling on his forehead and eyes.

If Hoshor is convicted of his two charges, he could face up with 15 years in federal prison. Ten of those potential years would be for assault with a weapon and five years for partner assault. At the moment, Hoshor is out on bail and his next court date is on August 6.

The case continues.

Source: The Missoulian, The Daily Inter Lake,

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