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Mr. United States, Timothy Richardson has been traveling the globe and influencing other both in person and via social media. The 23-year-old from Orlando, FL was crowned Mr. USA in August, but has been winning over the fans on Instagram long before. Richardson attributes his ability to reach others to the accessibility to social media and is grateful for the impact one can make because of it.

Our friends at MR. JOEL sat down for an exclusive interview with Timothy Richardson to dive into what it means to be Mr. United States and the potential for change that sits in his hands as a mentor, spokesperson, advocate, and icon.

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Tell us a bit about you and your background.

  • I grew up in Orlando, Florida, born and raised, and when I was in High School I always played basketball. In senior year I transferred to track, and from track it took me to the University of Miami, and in Miami is where I picked up modelling, and that’s where I developed my interest that soon developed into a passion. I wanted to learn how to use my body to exude art, to be able to portray a message through a picture.

What motivates or inspires you?

  • My inspiration is to be better than I was yesterday. I know so many people say that’s cliché but I try not to focus on perfection but rather productivity is my goal. I tell myself that if I can do one more thing than I did yesterday then I can say that I gave 100% effort today. I try and stay in my own lane and remember that everybody else is on their own time and that I am my only competition. I wake up every day trying to out-do myself.

What career did you want to pursue when you were younger?

  • I wanted to be an aerospace engineer. I can tell you everything about a space shuttle!



My goal is to only make you smile when you think about last night.

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Tell us about being Mr. United States.

  • Well, being Mr. United States means you are a public figure, it’s under the umbrella of Miss. USA and Miss. America, and my job is to make public appearances, do volunteer service and promote my national platform which is ‘Lift communities: leading and inspiring futures together’. This is also in conjunction with my non-profit ties for change, it’s a mentoring program for young men. When I was younger I lost my dad at the age of 7 and from there on, I made it a mission of mine to help younger men who didn't have their fathers. So, I used Mr. United States to not only be a public figure but a mentor.​

How do you think Instagram and digital influencers can impact brands and consumers?

  • I live on my Instagram. In a year, I’ve gone from 2,000 followers to 23,000 followers. I try to utilize every tool from promoting my pictures to adding links in my bio. It is a tool you can use to put yourself on display for the world to see and whilst at the same time it can be intimidating it also builds confidence because it’s something that becomes your own, your own platform, nobody can take it away from you. Instagram has contributed to my individuality.



What positive or negative impact has social media had on your career so far?

  • For positive; it has allowed me to develop individuality and allowed me to put my name out there. I always wanted to be in the entertainment industry, never knowing what form but being a public figure on Instagram has allowed me to get my name out there. Negative, which also turns into positive, you deal with judgment. Social media provides people the option to voice their opinion and I think that’s when you have to develop a Tuscan leather; at the end of the day, if you are happy with what you’re doing, and you have people to support you, then you are doing something right. Not everybody is going to like what you do, so once you accept that then everything becomes organic and begins to feel good.

What do you eat before working out?

  • Chicken and broccoli!

Talk us through your weekly workout training plan/routine.

  • I usually work out, depending on if I am working for a shoot, around 2 times a day, or sometimes 3 times a day.  I wake up in the morning and I do what I call TwentyThrees, it’s a workout that got published in a magazine called ‘Fits Figure Magazine’. So the work out is I do two pull ups and I do three leg raises, I do them consecutively, so two pull ups and three leg raises and that is one Rep, and I have 50 reps in 30 minutes. So in total that is about 100 pull ups and 150 leg raises in 30 minutes.



Boxers or briefs?

  • Briefs

What was the last text you sent?

  • “What time is the photoshoot?”

What’s in your pocket besides your phone?

  • I have a money clip that carries my cards and my cash, I don’t like carrying a wallet.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

  • God. I am spiritual, I realized that I am more spiritual than I am religious.

Favourite holiday destination?

  • New York at Christmas!

What was the last movie you watched?

  • The movie “IT”. I love watching scary movies.​

What 3 things can you not leave home without?

  • My cell phone, my Malcom x autobiography and water.



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