Nashom Wooden (Formerly “Mona Foot”) Dies Due To Complications From COVID-19

I’ll be here; if you shut the door 

I’ll be here; don’t love me no more 

I’ll be here; when you don’t feel love


I”ll be here; if it’s not enough

I’ll be here….

Automagic ft. Nashom: I’ll Be Here (David Morales Dark & Lovely Mix)

The passing of New York City’s legendary Nashom Wooden means one thing; almost everyone in New York City nightlife world and beyond can now say that they have lost someone that they have love due to the national pandemic known as COVID-19 that is currently crippling our nation. 


Nashom was in a phrase, a stunning force of nature. I met Nashom a number of years ago on the streets of New York City outside Boy Bar in St Mark’s Place. I joined the packed crowd who was captivated by the shows that the glamazon known as Mona Foot was putting on at that legendary haunt and was of course, an instant fan. Whether it was as a third of the dance trio known as The Ones or as his latest incarnation working at The Cock and being a true New York City nightlife living icon, running into Nashom meant a massive smile and an all enveloping hug from someone who, with luminaries like DJ Lina and Candis Cayne, defined an era of New York City nightlife. 

As expected, a litany of New York City personalities expressed their sorrow on social media earlier today. From drag queens to promoters to DJ’s; the loss of this larger than life performer is profound; 



Nashom’s stage stomping videos as Mona Foot, the countless pictures of him with friends and loved ones, and his music videos with The Ones will keep him vivid in our minds forever. One of his biggest hits as part of The Ones was “Flawless”. We see and hear Nashom in his element- slaying the runway, turning looks, and being as he always will be in our eyes; absolutely flawless.