NCAA Diving Event Has 4 Openly Out Divers Compete In Pool Of 40. Little Suits, Big Pride.

When I was younger, we always used the stat 1 in 10.  One in ten of us were LGBT.  Comically, we would say 2 in 20 since 1 in 10 sounded lonely. 

Diving is traditionally a sport where one person shines (unless you are doing the synchronized diving). But recently at a NCAA postseason meet in Virginia, four out gay divers competed together.  Erik Hall posted the video below where he states that 5 LGBT divers actually competed, but one chose to not share his name.




So 5 athletes out of 40? There is strength in numbers and you guys are showing how powerful we are. 

For more on these guys, head over to or even over to Erik Hall's YouTube page for more videos.

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