New Book and 2022 Tour Dates Also Announced

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American Idol favorite and season 7 runner-up David Archuleta is premiering not one, but two versions of his new single, “Movin.”

The track can be found here, while a special “After Hours” remix can be listened to here

“‘Movin’ was a song I wanted to have fun with and challenge myself by literally movin’ with some choreography. I wanted just a touch of Latin feel even though it’s not necessarily Latin music.”

On the “After Hours” remix, he said,

“I asked Nate Doge, the producer, to see what we could do to spice up ‘Movin’s’ original mix. In Nate fashion, he ended up coming up with something completely different though [laughs]. I loved the alternate feel, but it felt like a completely different song. I fell in love with both versions, couldn’t make up my mind, and decided I’d just release both. Because they both get me movin’.”

In addition to “Movin,” Archuleta also announced he will release his first-ever children’s book in October titled My Little Prayer, based on the lyrics of his popular song. A simple story about the power of faith, friendship, and prayer, the book is now available to pre-order

Lastly, Archuleta’s 2020 North American tour dates have been rescheduled. He is set to kick off the six-week trek across the country and Canada in support of his Therapy Sessions pop album release. The tour, dubbed “OK, All Right” after his hit single, will begin on February 7, 2022. Click here for a full list of tour dates and to purchase tickets. 

Therapy Sessions features an inside look into Archuleta’s internal struggle with himself – a battle he has experienced for most of his life. 

Image via Cyrus Pamganiban

“I was going through therapy and trying to apply the steps it took to escape the barriers I had created for myself. Whether it was fear, loss, dwelling on the past, or anxiety. There’s a constant battle going on because so much of my mind doesn’t want to budge. The songs are a sort of a back and forth within the inner dialogue I have with myself.” 

This new body of work represents a transparency that has not been present in previous releases.   

“Music has always been healing for me. My mission with it is to heal, and then encourage to move forward after the healing takes place. I want people to find answers to their worries and doubts as they listen to Therapy Sessions.”

Image via Cyrus Pamganiban

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