New Dissolving Swim Shorts Prank Is Too Much To ‘Bare’

Unilad Screenshots/Facebook

As gay men — hell, as men in general, dare I say, a certain percentage of us are no strangers to dropping our pants in public. Sorry, puritans, it’s simply how we’re built. However for those guys teetering on the fence of tapping into their more naughty side, there is a new pair of swim trunks on the market, designed JUST FOR YOU!

The new, water-activated dissolvable shorts are here! Perfect for the ‘peek-a-boo’ in you — secretly interested in public nudity, but needing an excuse to give it a go. Or it’s a pretty funny prank to play on a friend and see how they make out under the guise of a wardrobe malfunction. 


I first discovered this bizarre but brilliant fashion creation on Facebook, featured in a video by Facebook user Jason Flom. I can’t tell if it’s staged or not, though as an advertising creative over the past 20 years, my instincts tell me most public posts tied to a product are the brainchild of a skilled marketing team. But this video of a wife playing a prank on her hunky husband has me sold — I need these vanishing board shorts in my life.

There’s also another more frat boy-esque version of the prank where friends convince one of their own to wear the shorts on a hot day at the beach, ultimately resulting in his exit from the water, bare-assed while covering his junk with wet swaths of fabric. For the record it looks like that dude does A LOT of squats.


It remains to be seen if these dissolvable, dong-exposing shorts will pique more interest than the denim ‘Jeado’ but whether for a joke on a friend or a secret Santa gift for a co-worker (that might get you fired), you might want to consider the dissolvable swim trunks … and pray your friend/co-worker has a great sense of humor.

Good luck!



Currently, these innovative shorts, made by the Stag Brand are mostly sold out — but you can find them available here if you want to prank your peeps!