New England Patriots – Hottest Team Ever? (TBT)

Call me biased, but I love me some New England Patriots.  Born and raised in New England, they were always my team, even when my parents bought me a Giants winter coat,  I still rooted for New England. 

Seeing the pictures from training camp this year makes me so anxious for this upcoming season. Yes, Brady will be out, but Jimmy Garoppolo will be mighty fine to watch.  We just hope his talent is up there with his looks and what we've been hearing he can do. 

It's no secret they are damn good on the field, no matter how inflated the balls, but it's how they are off the field and even out of their clothes that also gets them the attention. You don't have to look too far into our blog history to see what we mean.

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And there may be more.  But it isn't just us that thinks the Patriots are eye candy heaven.  


It comes to no surprise to know that this New England Patriots team is just oozing with sex appeal, we all know it, some of us are more ashamed than others to admit it. I didn’t need some online internet service that I didn’t even know still existed to tell me this. (Yes, I’m talking about you AOL) This team is just littered with stud muffin after stud muffin. Let’s be real, 40% of this team looks like they walked out of a GQ photo shoot and I AIN’T HATIN’ IT!  – (April 2016) also listed off the 24 Sexiest guys in the NFL where three were Patriots. I'm not sure why Brady was the only athlete pictured with another person, but then again it was with his wife Giselle.

And maybe that is a problem for some sports bloggers, to have to write that the Patriots are damn sexy so that's why Giselle was thrown into the mix.  Straight sports writers may not like getting comfortable with the idea that they need to rank their sports idols on the basis of how hot they are. 

– August 27th, 2005. The day Feitelberg wrote the gayest blog ever, even by his standards. But I stand by every word.

So the Patriots twitter account just tweeted this pic as the team heads off to Charlotte for a #BusinessTrip. I’ll come clean and admit it: Danny Amendola made it move a bit in this pic. That suit is awesome and the lining is out of this world. The overnight bag? Outstanding. Dark buttons on a white shirt and light suit? Revolutionary. And while some may not like the look, I’m all about no belt. Get your goddamn suit tailored if you disagree.

Anyway it got me thinking, do the Patriots have the most attractive team in sports history? Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola and Jimmy Garropolo would be international models if it weren’t for football. Chandler Jones is a 10. Gronk is meathead handsome. Ninkovich is a lumbersexual. McCourty has a smile to light up a room. The fucking kickers are good looking. Plenty of teams have guys who are good looking for athletes, no teams have guys that can walk into Milan and get thrown onto the runway like the Patriots do. It’s really astounding. That picture of Danny, probably taken by the social media interns iPhone while he walks to the bus, is the kind of pic models and photographers work to get for hours to put in the new Ralph Lauren spread. But it’s just effortless for them. It’s truly amazing. –

So get use to broadcasting that the Patriots are the hottest team around, because there's a lot of us that like to watch the game, but we also love to watch the players on and off the field.

What I have noticed is that most of the sites that are ranking the Patriots as the hottest team around usually just highlight the white players, Brady, Gronkowski, Edelman, Amendola, and Groppolo.  Once in a while they will throw in Butler to the mix.  Do you see that, too? 

What we are hoping to see is the meshing of the boys on the field.  With Brady out for a handful of games, we need to be on the ball, in the game, instead of looking at bulges and backsides.  Well, okay, we will be hoping both the play and the players will look great this season.  But we do have a little worry.  Garoppolo is doing well in practice, but we haven't seen Edelman and Amendola out catching the ball yet.



Let's hope they get out and start practicing soon. 

Back to the hottie factor.  Here's some pictures of our sexy Patriots.  And for more pics, definitely go back up and click on our previous stories.  And if you want Hot Patriots dropped into your Facebook newsfeed, go over and like New England Patriots Eye Candy Land.



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  1. As long as Manning remembers

    As long as Manning remembers and is able to keep his hands on his own balls and ego, this team is not only good looking, it also has a chance to come back in every way.


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