New York Man Stabbed Boyfriend 100 Times To Death

Screenshot via CBS New York

A New York state man is behind bars after he stabbed his boyfriend more than 100 times post-arguing with him.

21-year-old Massapequa resident Ryan Lindquist is being charged with the murder of 32-year-old Evan Grabelsky. According to Det. Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick, the commanding officer of the Nassau County Homicide Squad, Lindquist met Grabelsky, who worked as a director at a Long Island day camp for kids and formerly as a special education teacher, through social media two years ago. The two then entered a romantic relationship about a year later.

According to CBS New York, the two then met up on June 1st at Grabelsky’s home while his parents were away.

“During that time together at the house, during the date, something happened where Ryan stabbed Mr. Grabelsky over 100 times, causing his death,” said Fitzpatrick.

Image via CBS New York

Police believe the attack started in Grabelsky’s bedroom after some sort of argument broke out among the too. The situation then “escalated” throughout the house as there are signs that Grabelsky tried to escape. Family members then returned home later that day to find the gruesome scene.

“Both his hands were cut up, which is indicative with somebody who stabbed somebody over 100 times … That, as well as video surveillance, telephone conversations, text messaging, all those and more pointed towards him,” Fitzpatrick explained.

Lindquist was quickly named as a suspect and was arrested this past Friday. Police don’t believe Lindquist was under the influence of any controlled substances. Fitzpatrick also shares that they are looking at the murder as a domestic incident.

Source: CBS New York, Digital Weekly

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