No Gays Allowed: Massachusetts Man Thrown Out of Bar for Being Gay

Imagine it being 2018 and it still actually being 1950. Unfortunately this is a reality for many people as so many business owners haven't caught up with the times and believe that it's okay to discriminate against people based on their race, gender, or sexual orientation. One man, Jacob Froias, said that he was thrown out of Al's Café in New Bedford, Massachusetts on October 28 for being gay, according to

Froias was about to enjoy a meal with his mother when friend and owner Alsuino Cordeiro approached him and said "You can't come here anymore… last time you were here you and your little Filipino boyfriend were outside hugging and it made everyone uncomfortable. You essentially embarrassed the establishment." While I do love some good alliteration, a person can't embarrass an establishment, only the people inside of it…

According to Froias, his boyfriend was smoking a cigarette outside next to him in May and they hugged because it was cold, which for some reason greatly offended the people inside Al's Café.

After being told the leave, Froias and his mother, not wanting to be conspicuous, quietly got up to leave. As they were leaving, Cordeiro started throwing homophobic insults at Froias.

Froias shared his experience in a Facebook post that got bundreds of shares, as people supported him through this ordeal. However, not everyone was happy with Jacob bringing to light the homophobic owner, as he has received threatening messages from peope associated with Al's Café.

Froias is uncertain as to whether or not he'll be seeking legal action as he does not wish to destroy someone's life over this incident, but he does want people to know what he experienced so that they may think twice about giving their money to a homophobe.

I was surprised to hear that something like this happened in this day and age and in Massachusetts, the state that was first to legalize same-sex marriage in 2003. I suppose this shows that even though progress has been made in regard to LGBT rights, there will always be people who will try to push them back.


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