NYC DJ And Producer Lorant Transforms Newest Song Into A Celebration

photo by Folsom East

On the heels of his newest release “More Freedom” from Royal Advisor Records, label owner and head producer Lorant continues on his heroic journey turning the essence of his newest composition into a new nightlife institution.  The song is a sultry house classic in the making that takes you on a wild journey through sonic twists and turns as the soulful vocal meanderings of our protagonist envelop you in her longing and her confidence.  It is as minimal as it is deep and complex.  It is a true testament to the mid and late 90s house music that strongly informs Lorant’s work.  The intense cover art, designed by RIDIKKULUZ, truly adds to the complete package that this release embodies, displaying a man either screaming in pain, in revolt or in victory.  Or possibly, all of the above.

Grab the track here.

“More Freedom” cover art by RIDIKKULUZ


The second installment of his newest party will take place on Sunday, December 15th at The East Village’s “Pinks”. Pinks, short for Racing for Pinks, is a bar and eatery that celebrates classic American culture as expressed by the spirit of 1950’s hot rod culture. A full menu inspired by the cuisine of Southern California and Mexico is served daily while the blues, rock, rockabilly and funk music fills the atmosphere. Royal Advisor Records and company plan to once again turn the establishment into a house music haven that celebrates community through dance music and its liberating power. Lorant will be djing along with his special guests Michael Trotter and Alrahi III.

In Lorant’s words, the track “More Freedom”, featuring hypnotizing vocals by Layonne Holmes, was “inspired by the idea that we don’t have to stop growing mentally, physically or emotionally. We are always allowed more knowledge and happiness. This belief was the inspiration behind the song. The same goes for the party.”


We had a little time to chat with the owner and founder of Royal Advisor Records as he prepares for the second night of his “More Freedom” party.

Chauncey: This is your second installment of the party.  What made you decide to have the party at Pinks?

Lorant: Pinks is the perfect space for a Sunday party and the sound rocks compared to what is expected of a neighborhood dive bar. 

photo courtesy of Pinks

Chauncey: What type of crowd are you hoping to attract with the “More Freedom” parties?

Lorant: My ideal crowd is a truly mixed crowd from all walks of life who love to dance and want to hear good music. 

Chauncey: Most of the super clubs are gone and a lot of NYC nightlife has stretched on over to Brooklyn. Do you feel things are changing?   Or is the New York nightlife scene of the past gone forever?


Lorant: Like it is with everything, New York nightlife will always evolve and change. Some reincarnations will be better than others but the city has a pulse deep within that gives life to new and interesting things non-stop. 

Chauncey: You are the proprietor of Royal Advisor Records.  Aside from your recent release, what else is in store for your label in the near future?

Lorant: RAR will be celebrating its 10th year in February and I love that it coincides with 2020. I read somewhere once that immortality is not one long life but a series of different lives and I hope this is RAR’s first cycle in eternity. 


Chauncey: Where can we find you and your work on the interwebs?

Lorant: You can find my DJ sets and productions on Soundcloud. I also have a podcast on Podomatic which you can subscribe to through iTunes. My favorite social media platform is probably Instagram where I am @dj_lorant and Royal Advisor is @rargram

Chauncey: Thank you Lorant!

If you’re in NYC this month, don’t forget to check out “More Freedom” Part 2 at Pinks located at 242 East 10th Street in the East Village on Sunday, December 15th. Click here to RSVP