NYC Police Looking for Perpetrator in Homophobic Attack

I genuinely don't understand what it is about people living their lives that gets someone so angry that they feel the need to physically assault another person but it does happen, unfortunately. One such case is when an unnamed man saw a woman kiss another woman in the E train in NYC and was filled with so much rage that he started yelling slurs and punched the victim, according to NBC News.

The attack occured on November 30 and the attacker has yet to be identified. After attacking the woman, he fled the scene at a stop in Forest Hills, Queens. The NYPD released a video in which the man is clearly visible and had asked the public to identify him.

The attacker, upon seeing two women kiss each other, became so enraged, called the victim a "d*ke," and punched her from behind. He punched her hard enough to make her fall and hit her head, which resulted in her suffering a broken spine. Very serious stuff!

Anti-LGBTQ attacks are nothing new, unfortunately and it's particularly alarming that the United States has seen an increase of three percent in such incidents since 2017.

It's disheartening, to say the least, that something like this happened and in New York, one of the country's most progressive states nonetheless. I live relatively close to the city and to have a homophobic attack occur so close to where I live is frightening… I hope they catch the attacker before he gets the chance to do something like this again. 

h/t: NBC News

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