Old Boyfriend Of Aaron Hernandez Speaks Out

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More information about Aaron Hernandez’s past relationships is coming forward.

Aaron Hernandez was a former NFL star who was at the center of several murder trials. Hernandez was convicted of the 2013 shooting of Odin Lloyd and accused of the 2012 Boston shootings of Daniel de Abrueu and Safiro Furtado. The former New England Patriots Pro Bowl tight end was serving time for murdering Lloyd, a semipro football player dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancée Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, when he committed suicide. Unfortunately, this was just a few days after he was acquitted of charges in the 2012 shooting.


Some believe Hernandez took his life because long hidden secrets about his bisexuality were coming to light through the trial process. Now, one of Hernandez’s old boyfriends is coming forward to talk about his time with the late athlete and criminal.

Speaking to Investigative Discovery, a man named Dennis SanSoucie explained that he dated Hernandez in high school. The US Marine shares that the two had a close bond as fellow athletes, they both were on the Bristol Central High School’s football team, but their relationship was more than platonic. According to him, the two started exploring a sexual relationship in middle school, and their interaction continued into high school.

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“It didn’t matter what age we were, we wouldn’t even know how to live with ourselves,” he said during the documentary. “We had shared some sexual activity together and it continued into high school but we didn’t want anyone to know.”


“We were just in complete denial of what was really going on,” he added.

After his death, it was discovered that Hernandez had advanced chronic traumatic encephalopathy or degenerative brain disease. In addition, it was well-known that the athlete suffered from depression and was struggling with his bisexuality.

“He was tired, depressed, struggling, what was he supposed to do? he wasn’t gonna come clean. I mean, he couldn’t,” argued SanSoucie.

Hernandez’s story has caught the attention of many sports fans, true crime fans, reporters, and filmmakers. As such, his story has been turned into several documentaries including the Investigative Discovery documentary Arron Hernandez: An ID Murder Mystery, an Oxygen documentary, a 48 Hours special, an upcoming Netflix documentary called Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. In addition, James Patterson and Hernandez’s defense lawyer Jose Baez have also released books on the case.

No matter what, Aaron Hernandez will be remembered as a troubled man with a troubled past. And it seems filmmakers and writers won’t let us forget it.

Sources: Investigative Discovery, DailyMail

12 thoughts on “Old Boyfriend Of Aaron Hernandez Speaks Out”

  1. he was one beautiful / beautiful talented man! thats all that needs to really be said. who cares who he’s fuckin. damn let him RIP

  2. Uh, all we heard during the trial was that he was attempting cheating with the baby-sitter, that he’d cheated with women, and that he picked up women at clubs, all while living with and having sex with a woman fiancée …doesn’t sound very gay to me. Never that he was engaging in sexual relationships with men. A lot of young boys will experiment sexually with anyone willing. It does not make them all gay. Additionally, the idea that his father somehow pushed him into being straight—well, his dad died a long time ago. If Aaron was so “gay”, I think his behavior would be a lot different. Also, he wouldn’t be hanging out with “gang bangers”, nor would that have been a long-term friendship, as it were. When was the last time this old friend of his (supposedly lover) even saw him? This is all just more sensationalism. Sick of suddenly finding out “everyone is gay” after they are no longer around to tell how they identify.

    • Someone’s sexuality does not necessarily dictate who they hang-out with or how they behave. Many closeted gay men have female lovers. If you watched the documentary on Netflix Aaron’s brother pretty much confirmed that he was, if not gay, than bi. I agree that it is a little tasteless to speculate about people’s sexuality dead or alive, but we are talking about someone who murdered 3 people(at least).

    • It’s amazing how people are going on and  on about Hernandez’s sexuality. Who cares if he was gay, bisexual, asexual or whatever. Hernandez was nothing but a cold blooded killer who took the lives of three people. He left a big whole in their families lives. Hernandez left behind a daughter who will haunted by her father’s actions for the rest of her life. He came from poverty. Hernandez was given a chance that many other athletes would loved to have had. Although he had brain damage from years of having played football that’s no excuse for him having murdered people. Other players who have the same disorder don’t go out and kill people. Instead of focusing on Hernadez’s sexual preferances people need to remember the people he muurdered and the lives that were ruined because of his actions. 

  3. Funny how “all of a sudden” these “former gay lovers” come forward with these stories when the subject if them is dead and has no defense against the slander and lies. Aaron didnt kill himself, he was killed, period! He was halfway to his legal freedom after beating one of the two murder charges against him, and the second one was coming up on appeal a few weeks later. His lawyer even said that he had a very good chance of getting the second charge and conviction overturned and being freed from prison…why kill yourself when you know this? There were all kinds of unsubstantiated rumours and lies about his cell when his body was found. First it was he hung himself with a bedsheet from the frame of his bed, then it was there was shampoo smeared across the floor to prevent anyone from reaching him in time to save him, then it was the illuminati drawing on the wall…NONE of which had been verified. Read the information closely and carefully and you’ll realise it makes no sense at all. I believe that Aaron went to prison for the murder of Odin lloyd to COVER for whoever actually did it….a rich football player has a better chance of getting a high power attorney to defend them, and potentially win, in court than some nobody off the street

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  5. Hernandez was obsessed with keeping his secret, but that was not the reason that he committed suicide. He took his own life because of a very old law that was on the books in Connecticut when he was convicted. The law stated that an inmate that died while their conviction was being appealed would automatically have their conviction(s) vacated since they were dead and could not participate in the appeal. A few years before this, a priest convicted of murder who was appealing his conviction died in state custody and his conviction was vacated. Aaron thought that if he killed himself, his sentence would be vacated, and the Patriots would have to pay his girlfriend and his daughter the guaranteed part of his contract. The family of Odin Lloyd went to the state legislature to get the law overturned and they were successful and got Hernandez’ conviction reinstated.

  6. I don’t think him being gay or bisexual was even the real problem. I think the real problem was the disease CTE! His mind wasnt right. Not the the NFL gave a shit, nor even the person or person’s coaching him. When do we start checking for this disease in our athlete’s at a young age? Aaron’s sexual preference isn’t the indirect problem. CTE has taken its toll on the brain which caused his murderous actions. If any is true. We will never know. Let him rest and have some respect for the young star. He had a persona to follow. I hope this is a message to all athletes. Have your brains scanned! Fuck you Nfl… you new..@nickmoylan4

  7. Dennis is half brain dead from several car accidents. His information is very unreliable. Please consider him just as unstable and dangerous as Aaron.

    • Funny, Dennis did not seem “brain dead” while giving numerous interviews on the subject. He came across brave and vulnerable. His honesty is assisting change, a very necessary change. LGBTQ athletes have been in quiet torment for far too long. Not being able to be your authentic self is a life not lived. Dennis is helping to change that in his small way. He should be commended, not dragged through the mud.


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