Omar Rudberg Talks ‘Young Royals’ Success and Hopes for a Happy Ending

‘Young Royals’ star Omar Rudberg talks all about the hit Swedish series, including its worldwide success and his hopes for a happy ending for his character Simon and Edvin Ryding’s Prince Wilhelm.

“It’s been love, a lot of love. I haven’t seen anything else but love – for real,” the 23-year-old Venezuelan-Swedish actor shared about the ‘Young Royals’ fandom in a recent interview with Digital Spy


He further shared his thoughts and feelings about the show’s success, not only in Sweden, but also in different countries across the globe expressing,

“I was hoping that this series was going to be big in Sweden and hopefully Scandinavia. But it blew my mind – everyone’s minds – when the series just flew away all over the world.”

When asked about what he thinks attracted viewers outside of Scandinavia, Rudberg responded,


“I would say the message behind it. We really work on showing what teenagers actually look like, what teenagers go through, and how teenagers feel, and what they do when they feel some things, and showing real teenagers, and real love, and real relationships, and how it goes in life when you’re a young teen and you’re in love, or when a friend does something stupid and you get really upset about it.”

“I just think that people can relate so much to this series because we’re trying to tell this story as true as possible,” he added.

Moreover, the actor also shared his relationship with co-star Edvin Ryding on and off screen, as well as his thoughts on their intimate scenes.

“When you compare our friendship today as it was in the first season – we got to know each other even more now. I feel really safe when I work with Edvin, and when I hang out with Edvin, because I know what I have with him. I know what kind of relationship we have.

He feels the same way as I do. We just know that we’ve got each other’s back. We’re close friends. We feel safe working together. And that was something we had to learn, also, in season one. We didn’t really know each other,” Rudberg shared.


He then described how his chemistry with Ryding is stronger now, however, he admits that being close friends off-screen and then having to act as an intimate couple on-screen “becomes weird” in some ways.

“I feel like we have even more chemistry today. In front of the camera, when we play Simon and Wilhelm, we feel safe enough, so we can do it even more. We can go deeper, and not be afraid or feel awkward or uncomfortable,” the actor stated.


He continued on by admitting,

“The only thing, though, is that after a whole year of hanging out together as friends – then we’re going to meet up and start kissing and touching and lying in bed without a shirt on or whatever – it becomes weird. Because we’re just used to hanging out as friends. And now we have to go back to that world again.

We’re like, ‘Wait, what?’ And then we just start laughing. We cannot take each other seriously. We can’t look at each other in the eyes. It’s just a funny and weird situation at the same time. But it’s great. It has its charm.”


Rudberg also shared his hopes for Simon and Prince Wilhelm if the series returns for a third season expressing,

“One thing that I really just want to see is Simon and Wilhelm – will they be happy? So we can get a taste of the love. The 100% love – the unconditional love – and being together. That’s something that I want to see.”

Here’s to hoping for Season 3! In the meantime, ‘Young Royals’ Seasons 1 and 2 are now available for streaming on Netflix.


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  1. I’m hoping to see the two boys be accepted into the royal family as a gay couple and maybe even show them later on in life still together, if the show is ending next season.


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