One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: APU Does a 360 and Reinstates Ban

I've recently written about Azusa Pacific University lifting its ban on same-sex relationships on their campus in my post "Azusa Pacific University Removes Ban on Same-sex Relationships, Sex Still Out of the Question." To recap, Azusa Pacific University, an Evangelical college in California, had LGBT students who felt that they were being discriminated against because they were not allowed to express romance on campus unlike their heterosexual classmates so they spoke with the Dean of Students who listened to the LGBT students and lifted the ban on same-sex relationships on campus. The lift lasted a total of three days.

According to The Christian Post, APU's Board of Trustees reinstated the ban, saying that it never received approval to rephrase the wording in the student handbook that banned same-sex relationships. The Board also said that they are standing strong in their Christian faith and will never stray due to outside pressure. It is my belief that the best way for societal change to occur is to listen to both sides on a specific issue and weigh the pros and cons and decide whether or not that the societal change is for the better. Take Christianity itself for example: During the 16th century, Martin Luther took the religion by storm by writing the Ninety-Five Theses, criticizing the Catholic Church's on the sale of indulgences (certificates that can be purchased in order to lessen the severity of sins, widely used by the Catholic Church), which, in turn, created the Protestant Reformation which then led to the formation of Lutheranism and other denominations of Christianity. 

So if Christianity itself can adapt to fit the beliefs of billions of people, it stands to reason that APU should be able to accommodate its LGBT students. However, the staff at Azusa are standing firm in their belief in biblical values. There are supporters of APU's decision, saying that keeping the ban on same-sex relationships is the right thing to do and while proponents of same-sex relationships will be unhappy, it was the right move. 

Students fought for years to get the ban lifted, saying that they were hurt by the discriminatory practices being enacted by APU and that by lifting the ban, LGBT students felt less stigmatized, as many conservative Christian groups view LGBT people as lesser beings who engage impermissible sexual acts.

It is my hope that APU will eventually come to terms with homosexuality and allow same-sex relationships on campus, but it being a private school, it is unlikely that it will happen. By banning same-sex relationships, Azusa Pacific University is othering LGBT individuals and treating them unfairly, which is the complete opposite of one of Christianity's central tenets.  

h/t: The Christian Post

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