Only Fans Superstar Chris Damned Has Big Screen Dreams Ahead

So many times, OnlyFans superstars and models are treated like the commodity they seem to have become, and it’s rare to get to know the person behind the image. Chris Damned might be one of the most high profile performers in adult entertainment, but he has not problem letting you know where some of his biggest insecurities stem from and how they’ve helped make him the man he is now. Parisian-raised, Damned has created a life of his own in America, but still keeps his European flavor when needed. Damned and I sat down recently and chatted about his OnlyFans journey, how he deals with fans when he’s not working, and we manifested some future dream that Damned has his eyes on.

Michael Cook: You’ve garnered awards like the 2021 Grabby Award for Best Newcomer and a 2022 GayVN for Best Social Media Presence in your industry. What does it feel like to be getting those kind of accolades from people in your own industry that are literally, your peers? 


Chris Damned: The awards, they are great, it can be hard to explain how it feels.  At the end of the day, I really just love my awards.

MC: Take me back, where does Chris Damned come from, what were your early and formative years like? 

CD: I have been doing this for a long time and I’ve always been “Chris”. When I first started my studio work, I was looking for a name and another porn star mentioned that I had tattoos and scars..“Damned”! And that was it…


MC: Where did you grow up originally? 

CD: I grew up in the South of France first, and then moved to Paris. My mother was present, but she was so sick that she didn’t have time to care for my schooling or pay attention to it, and when she did, she would just get so aggravated so quick. I didn’t have many rules, so it was not that great. She was loving and everything, but as a teenager you get rebellious. She was so tired, so I just took advantage of that I guess. 

MC: Not having rules or discipline as a child, can lead to an adulthood where people sometimes create a life that does not have a great deal of structure, do you think that is fair to say? 

CD: Yes, but I did know what was right and wrong though. When my mother passed away, I didn’t hurt anyone on purpose. 


MC: OnlyFans is refreshing as a source of income because you’re not tied to a structure or a specific schedule. It’s not like working in an office or a restaurant, is that part of the attraction? 

CD: Oh yes and I have tried, I worked at McDonalds and it was terrible. After two weeks I would get fired. At McDonalds, the manager kept asking me what was in a sandwich, I looked at the sandwich and told him “sauce, lettuce, tomato, and meat”. He wanted me to describe the sauce and I was like “dude, seriously it’s a fucking Big Mac”. 

After that, I stated getting more into the industry, but then I stopped for a while because it can get kind of draining. Then I got a job at a restaurant in Paris when you get out of the metro in the morning and you get the newspaper. I had to be there for two hours in the cold and I would get twenty bucks; I did it for a week and was over it. I worked in retail and the people, I just couldn’t stand it. The people would pretend to know about the fabric and the clothes and you always have to say yes because you don’t want to argue, but you really want to say “you’re dumb as fuck” (laughs)!


MC: What do you think the best parts about launching your own OnlyFans have been? 

CD: I have finally been financially stable, something I have never been able to achieve when I was in my twenties, I started around three or four years ago, so I have finally started to have my own freedom and got my own place. I also created a lot of great friends that I never could have had before. They don’t judge and we do all of the same things, so that is really cool.

MC: Getting attention from Hollywood casting directors has probably been one of the most surreal parts of your journey, is that fair to say? 


CD: Yes, definitely. That is kind of what I wanted to do when I moved to Los Angeles, but the competition and all of the guys, I didn’t have the money at the time. I was paying so much for my visa to be renewed all the time, and I just couldn’t keep up; it definitely wasn’t easy. Then you go to casting and much more well established models were there, and I was way skinnier then. It was not easy at all. 

MC: If you could manifest the kind of project you could choose for yourself, what do you think you would want to do? A big-screen splashy superhero film or a smaller indie type of film? 

CD: Either one of them would be great to be honest. I don’t know, with everything going on in the world I don’t know if you could be called a superhero if you ever did porn (laughs). I would not mind a small feature film, that is what gives you awards rather than a big Marvel movie. It would be great to be part of a project like that.


MC: Nowadays, sex work does not have the stigma that is used to, but some still try to attach a shame to it. Do you still encounter people in the community that try to attach a label or stigma to you based on what you do? 

CD: No, they know I’m French, so they don’t even come for me (laughs). Never face to face though, but maybe on Grindr. The typical stuff when you don’t answer, they call you a whore, all that; I’m just not interested. I just have to laugh. I was at a party recently called Hot Dog in LA and I love the party, but there is always that one person that tries to grab you. They can just tap my shoulder and say hi. Grabbing my ass and saying “you must be used to it” isn’t it; it’s so annoying. Just because you do sex work doesn’t mean you’ll do anything and that you’re interested in everyone. At the end of the day, that is what I do for work. I promise you, I’m tired; what I crave the most is intimacy, a movie, and cuddling. 

MC: That is an interesting point; people have always been quick to physically treat someone that does sex work as a commodity that they can physically touch when they want. Do you find that still goes on? 

CD: Oh yes, the gays and some of the girls sometimes, if they get a little bit drunk. I was at a bar recently and a girl kept asking me if I was gay. I told her I was gay and she kept asking me why I didn’t want to touch her boobs and if I thought she was pretty (laughs). It can be a lot…


MC: What’s next for Chris Damned? OnlyFans is a launching pad that can take you anywhere. 

CD: With everything happening, I am just on my Only Fans right now. I don’t need to work with everyone, and it can be tiring. I used to shoot twice a day daily, now I am much more selective. I live in Los Angeles and we all know each other, so it can get redundant. I am starting to travel, and heading to London at the end of May to work with the European market. A vacation in Barcelona to see family and people there is next, so that will be fun also.

MC: Your childhood was very chaotic. What are some of the lessons you’ve taken from that and are implementing as an adult? 


CD:I don’t like people that make promises that they can’t keep. When people says that and don’t follow through, I see myself at nine years old. My dad called me and said that he would pick me up and I fell asleep by the door until the morning. My mother had to pick me up there because he never picked me up. Then I moved to LA, and there were so many people that made promises and I just wanted to be there and hang out and maybe go to dinner. They promise you the world and I was barely twenty four and didn’t speak the best English yet; you then realize they’re dishonest. Unless you’re really nice and just ask for something, I’ll be super nice, that’s really how I am.


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