Out Athletes Are Winning Medals. Combined, They Are Not Far Off The Best Nations.

It's great to cheer on our athletes.  Do we cheer on out LGBT athletes a little more?  Should we just because they are LGBT?  Should we cheer on all our athletes the same?   That's all up to your household.  I know in ours there is a rivalry between Phelps and Lochte that is somewhat unhealthy.

How many LGBT athletes are "out there" in Rio?  To be honest, I do not know.  For the past week, I've been seeing Here's our 41 Out LGBT Athletes … Here's our 42 Out LGBT Athletes … Here's our 43 Out LGBT Athletes … Here's our 46 Out LGBT Athletes … and lastly Here's our 48 Out LGBT Athletes.  I cannot keep track so I haven't.  Yep, I'd suck at the Olympics because I gave up.

Cheer them on louder or not, who ever and how many ever they are, our LGBT athletes are doing well,  How well?

We're keeping track of the medal count for Team LGBTI, as though they were competing together as a country. We are counting anyone who is out publicly, or comes out publicly during the Games, as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex.

In 2012, about 40% of the publicly out LGBTI athletes won medals, as Team LGBTI did very well for itself at the Summer Olympics in London.

With so many athletes participating in track & field, soccer and basketball, the final medal count will be expected to increase in week two of the Olympic Games. Still, our athletes are holding their own early on. – outsports.com


Gold Medals

Rafaela Silva, Brazil, Judo
Women's 57kg
Won first gold medal for Brazil and Team LGBTI

Bronze Medals

Tom Daley, Great Britain, Diving
Men's synchronized 10-meter platform
Edged out German duo on last dive for bronze

Jen Kish, Canada, Rugby
Women's sevens
Beat Great Britain, 33-10, to win bronze; Lost semifinal match, 5-0


So counting the medals,  Outsports.com stated last night that an LGBT team would be currently tied for 16th overall. Today, it may be more like 17th. 

Great job athletes!  We will keep cheering you all on.


h/t:  outsports.com

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