Oxford Students Want Professor Fired For Writing Homophobic Papers

Over 400 students at Oxford University signed a petition to get John Finnis removed from his position as a law professor due to “a long record of extremely discriminatory views against many groups of disadvantaged people," according to The Guardian. 

A collection of Finnis' essays was published in 2011 which included a claim from a paper written in 1994 that said that homosexuality “never a valid, humanly acceptable choice and form of life” and that it is “destructive of human character and relationships" because "it treats human sexual capacities in a way which is deeply hostile to the self-understanding of those members who are willing to commit themselves to real marriage.” 

The petition calls for Finnis' removal because they feel that because a university is an institution of learning, not a place to fight against or be taught by a person who promotes hate. Finnis does not see his writing as containing any homophobic language. Instead, he says that "the 1994 essay promotes a classical and strictly philosophical moral critique of all non-marital sex acts and has been republished many times.” 

Alex Benn, one of the authors of the petition, said that Finnis' arguments are incorrect and have been discredited and that he wants Oxford University to be firm in their dedication to providing a safe space for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. 

h/t: The Guardian

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