Parents don’t allow Gay Wrestler Son to Come Out , but him being Bi is ok.

This week I posted the story of the Rhodes Bros and their coming out to their dad. It was a heartwarming video with the boys choosing how they came out and to whom, dad being the last family member to know.  Now imagine if their father had told them to not post that video and to stay in the closet.  Our reaction would have been quite differently. shares with us a story that is quite different than the happy tear jerking Rhodes Bros tale.  Outsports does a wonderful job of supporting athletes of all ages as well as being a way that others can find inspirational stories of "people like them."  One anonymous high school wrestler called into Outsports and decided to share his coming out story, but it was a little different than what we see being shared in mainstream / gay media.

He had found Outsports early on, and as more and more young athletes came out he found the strength to share his true self with his friends, his teammates and his coach. Almost all of them embraced him. Almost.

The problem is, his parents figured out his secret. That wasn't a good thing. One night they held an intervention with him, telling him they did not believe he was gay.  –

His parents made him go to conversion therapy for two years.  After many failures to rid the gay out of the student, the therapist decided to somewhat embrace the gay a little and try to convince the high school wrestler that he was bi.

Through his next two years of conversion therapy, the therapist realized quickly that Hunter's attraction to other boys would not subside. So the tactic shifted. Instead of telling Hunter he was straight, they would focus on pushing on him the idea that he's bisexual: It validated his feelings for boys while also leaving wide open the potential for him to be with girls. Plus, as the therapist asserted to him, only a small percent of the population is gay, so odds are he's not.

"My parents felt that convincing me I was bi was better because that way I could marry a woman, and I would never have to tell anyone," Hunter said. –

I honestly do not know what my response is to this.  Bi is better than gay since it includes some straight in there and the hope that their son would marry a girl some day?

How does his story end?  Head on over to to read the rest of this sort of coming out story covered by Cyd Zeigler .  Keep up the good work Outsports.

4 thoughts on “Parents don’t allow Gay Wrestler Son to Come Out , but him being Bi is ok.”

  1. i feel for this young man….

    i feel for this young man… seems to me, that he ALLOWING himself to be BRAINWASHED into BELIEVING he is BI, rather then JUST being GAY…..i have NO USE for parents who FORCE this TYPE of thing on their children, ALMOST as BAD as parents FORCING religion onto their kids…..a parents LOVE is supposed to be UNCONDITIONAL……imo, these people should be brought up on ABUSE CHARGES.

  2. We need to stop labeling and
    We need to stop labeling and categorizing people. People don’t fit into defined roles anymore. People are just plain sexual in varying degrees. There are no rules anymore.

  3. Well considering men have

    Well considering men have been doing this for centuries, it's not a 100% crazy idea. There is a large population of men living in the shadows called "dabblers" who get married/ have kids and live what seems a "normal" life…but dabble in their homosexuality at public toilets/ truck stops and various dark corners where their shame can be kept out of the spot light. It's definitely not healthy or something you should aspire to, but it is what's typical in a society that still views homosexuality as incompatible with the machismo of sports culture.

  4. I don’t get it….one,

    I don't get it….one, conversion is dumb, but if anything we should convert heteros….they are the group that make up way too much of the population and it if you find your own group disgusting you need to be fixed.


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