Pauly Shore Is Richard Simmons in Potential Feature Film

Pauly Shore is gearing up for his portrayal as Richard Simmons in a potential biopic that is currently in development with the Wolper Organization.

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In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, the 55-year-old American actor, comedian and filmmaker shared:


“I’m at the gym in Austin on the treadmill. I’m getting my workout in for my Richard Simmons to try to stay positive and get the world to come together.”

Shore’s fans have pointed out the he and the “eccentric and spirited” professional fitness coach look alike. However, the ‘Encino Man’ actor thinks that his similarities with Simmons go beyond the physical aspects.

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“I am him. I like helping people. I like health. I like putting that energy out there. Through my mom and [The Comedy Store], she helped a lot of people and it kind of got passed down to me — I help comedians and people, and so I really relate to Richard. And I’ve been going to the gym since I was a kid. And I think I’m a little over the top as well, so I feel like I connect with him,” he expressed.


Shore added,

“And I’ve known him for years from back in the day. I started in the ’90s… I used to always see him and I was always giving him hugs and high fives and stuff.”

Aside from the biographical feature that is currently in development and will reportedly hopefully shoot this summer, the actor and comedian is also starring as Simmons in the short film ‘The Court Jester’, which is set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

You can watch ‘The Court Jester’s official teaser here:


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