Peacock Drops HOT AF Official Trailer of ‘Couple to Throuple’

Peacock recently released the official trailer of ‘Couple to Throuple’, which is a new dating show hosted by ‘Access Hollywood’ co-anchor Scott Evans and guided by sex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard.

(c) Peacock / Couple to Throuple

The first season consists of 10 episodes where four curious couples embark in the world of polyamory. They are to pick a third person among a group of singles to join their relationship. The official synopsis of ‘Couple to Throuple’ reads:


“Set at a remote tropical resort, the couples will meet, mingle, and date a group of singles, many of whom are experienced in polyamory. With three times the fun, the feelings, and drama, these relationships are put through the ultimate test to see if they are the perfect match. At the end of their time in paradise, the couples will decide if their hearts have room for more than just “the one” and commit as a throuple, go home as they arrived, or leave separately.”

(c) Peacock / Couple to Throuple

In the trailer, things get HOT AF between the participants as they have “uncontrollable boners” and steamy threesomes. Not to mention, drama and confrontations unfold between couples as they dip their toes in a polyamorous set-up.

(c) Peacock / Couple to Throuple

Moreover, ‘Couple to Throuple’ is set to premiere on Peacock on February 8. The episodes will be released in weekly batches of three, and the season finale will be available for streaming separately.

In the meantime, you can watch the steamy official trailer here:


2 thoughts on “Peacock Drops HOT AF Official Trailer of ‘Couple to Throuple’”

  1. This is obviously only meant to entertain introverted, lonely single couch potatos following their favorite camera hungry celebrity ‘wanna be’. What else can you expect within the safety of a secluded tropical location which is absent of all the real people that are a part of our normal day to day interactions. Where are the friends, co workers or siblings we carelessly or with precise intentions use or abuse as sounding boards when presented with real time or fantasy day dream, threesome possibilities!


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