Pence Becomes First Vice President to Speak at Anti-LGBTQ Group’s Summit

On September 22 the Family Research Council, a notoriously hateful, anti-LGBTQ group held their Values Voter Summit in Washington. Among the many people who attended was Mike Pence, making him the first Vice President to speak at an anti-LGBTQ event. President Donald Trump spoke at the same event last year.

The Family Research Council is a hyper-religious group that spouts a great deal of hateful rhetoric, the most prevalent being their views on homosexuality To spare you from clicking on that link, I'll sum up their views: they believe that homosexuality is unnatural and people who engage in homosexual activity are harming themselves and society as a whole, that LGBTQ people shouldn't be equal to heterosexuals, and that same-sex marriages are illegitimate. Unsurprisingly, the FRC is also in favor of conversion therapy and denies transgender people's gender identity. In the past, the members of the FRC praised Trump's transgender military ban, and people such as Jack Philips, who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. The Values Voter Summit's goal is to preserve traditional values in regard to marriage, religious liberty, and limited government. 

It's hardly surprising that Mike Pence, an Indiana conservative with strong Christian faith, would speak at the Values Voter Summit. Pence is not shy about his views on homosexuality, saying that it is a symptom of societal collapse and opposed a law that would prevent discrimination of LGBTQ people in the workplace, and, like the FRC, is in favor of conversion therapy.

By having the president and vice president, both unequivocally powerful positions, speaking at this event they're giving a voice to a group that should be actively opposed as they attempt to abrogate the progress that many human and gay rights activists fought so hard to obtain. 

The president and vice president should be looking out for all US citizens, but by having both Trump and Pence speak at an anti-LGBTQ summit, they are showing that they will speak against progress promote hate to pander to their base.


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