Perfect Match: Manila Luzon Lands a Facetune Campaign!

The popular face perfecting app, Facetune has teamed up with superstar, Drag Race fan favorite, Manila Luzon to introduce the long anticipated Facetune 2.0 for Android.

Manila definitely brings the ultimate flawlessness in person, but when it comes to images on social media she’s made it known that she’s not afraid of a little digital nip & tuck through the use of apps. Her favorite such app is Facetune.

Lighttricks is the company behind the facetune app, and brand associate, Rotem Pesso explains, ”Manila is an avid user of our app, and she has a broad audience that we think is aligned with our brand as well. We also approached her because we appreciate her art and creativity.”

As part of the collaboration, Luzon flew to Tel Aviv for in-studio shooting of ads for the new launch as well as conducted some funny, impromptu interviews on the beach, including a live broadcast. All of this is featured in Facetune2 social media channels; including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

With so many photo editing apps on the market it’s hard to be a differentiator with a loyal user and fan base. Facetune seems to have done it, especially considering what Roten describes as alot of fan mail they receive from members of the transgender community, expressing how the app helps them show the world how they feel on the inside. Read more about that here in this article from Vice.

iPhone users already have been fine-tuning their mugs with 2.0 but not it’s Android user’s turn. So get to it honey, don’t be ‘Luzon’ out on a good thing! 

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