Pete Buttigieg Is Rumored To Be On MSNBC’s Shortlist To Replace Chris Matthews

Pete Buttigieg Interviews Patrick Stewart / Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Yahoo Entertainment

In an exclusive breaking report, gossip guru Rob Shuter has shared that former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is in serious consideration by MSNBC to take over for Chris Matthews. You may recall Matthews’s abrupt departure from the show weeks ago just days after the TV news veteran made disparaging remakes about Bernie Sanders, comparing his historical social movement to the evolution of the Nazi Party. The comment in itself is grotesques, but particularly egregious when you consider Bernie Sanders is Jewish. 

According to Shuter, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and Joy Reid both are on the shortlist for the job; however, Shuter’s Insiders have divulged that the network’s first choice to replace Matthews is Pete Buttigieg.


This development comes as no surprise to us here at Instinct Magazine, as we reported last week on Buttigieg’s stellar job guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!  I must say I expected him to be a bit stiff in this gig, and he’s not someone who immediately brings to mind the comedic timing and muster needed to host a high-pressure, late-night interview program.
I was wrong! It turns out he’s a natural, and he delivered some great TV moments including taking shady swipes at Tulsi Gabbard in his opening monologue and a heartfelt feel-good interview with legendary actor Patrick Stewart.

Shuter’s source also shared that in the cable news media landscape, the current trend is to hire politicians and the people around them who have risen to a national audience. It’s very similar to the American Idol formula by which a virtually unknown singer ultimately becomes recognized by millions of people worldwide, making them a prime candidate for a record label to sign as there’s already a built-in audience. 

Buttigieg’s meteoric rise on the national political stage as an openly gay, underdog candidate from a small town in Indiana is a clear indication of his badassery. We can only expect greater things to come as he now pivots into the unexpected territory of being a national news pundit, and I’m sure he hasn’t given up his ambitions of one-day securing the ultimate address – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  

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2 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg Is Rumored To Be On MSNBC’s Shortlist To Replace Chris Matthews”

  1. I would like to see Buttigieg have his own show 😉 He did well hosting jimmy kimmel! He’s such a smart man and his tv show would do well I think.

  2. Any fair view of Chris Matthews nazi comment has been completely misinterpreted. It has been twisted into something never intended. He was referring to the swiftness of campaign. Sanders was winning NV and SC hadn’t happened. It looked like Sanders was sealing the deal. Never used the word nazi and if anything it was positive toward Bernie. He was forced out over truly FAKE NEWS! Watch and make your own judgement: (starts at 1:07)


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