Please Don’t Rub Toothpaste All Over Your Penis – Here’s Why…

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Why are men all of a sudden rubbing toothpaste onto their schlongs?

“To help last longer in bed. Haven’t you heard about this?” – Eddie


So it’s not “all of a sudden,” apparently this is a “thing,” even having its own name – the toothpaste solution. According to Men’s Variety

“the “trick”, which was going around YouTube and various online discussion boards, massaging a tiny amount of the minty stuff onto your equipment will eliminate premature release and get rid of ED problems, without medications. The myth also suggests that when properly applied, toothpaste with also help you last longer in bed and create a larger, fuller end-product.”



Is this an urban myth or does this actually work? Dr. John Berry, an Illinois Urologist with Advocate Health said,

“The toothpaste thing is an urban myth. It doesn’t help with premature ED or help guys ‘last longer. In fact, it can have the opposite effect because the oils in toothpaste that create that minty taste can irritate sensitive skin. Do people not realize there are bleaching agents in many of those products?” 

Opposite effect? Bleaching agents? Hard pass for me! 




Scrolling through YouTube and Reddit might lead you to believe differently, but stated in a matter of fact way from,


“There’s no evidence of any sort to back up the idea that toothpaste could delay orgasm and keep you erect for longer. Instead you’re likely to cause irritation and burning – both for you and your sexual partner.”

And we leave you with, 

“A general rule for all to follow: Minty products and genitals don’t really mix.”

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