Police Arrested The Anti-Gay MAGA Slasher

Image via Scott Sweeney

One homophobic man is sitting in jail for aggravated assault using a sword.

Earlier this week, we shared with you the story of the MAGA slasher. A man was seen outside a roller skating rink in San Francisco on the night of March 29.

The man wearing a pirate costume and a “Make America Great Again” hat was seen yelling anti-gay slurs outside the Church of 8 Wheels on 554 Fillmore Street. When one departing customer confronted the man, the MAGA slasher pulled out a sword and cut the customer’s hand and upper arm.

“Tonight, a #MAGA chud targeted a queer-friendly roller skating event in San Francisco. We had seen him earlier as we were going in, he called us faggots. He followed us up to the event with a sword, we made it in okay, but he attacked someone outside. Fuck white supremacy,” posted witness Scott Sweeney, 24, on Twitter.

After the attack, the victim tried to chase the fleeing culprit to no avail. The victim was then sent to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Image via NBC Bay Area

Now, according to the Bay Area Reporter, a suspect has been arrested by the police. 30-year-old Leo Bergland was found by officers in plainclothes while at a restaurant. The suspect was caught on April 3 around 9:18 pm.

“Bergland was later booked into the San Francisco County Jail on the charges of attempted murder, mayhem, aggravated assault, carrying a concealed dirk or dagger, and brandishing a weapon,” shared the San Francisco Police Department through a news release.

David Miles Jr., who operates the Church of 8 Wheels establishment, thanked the police on swiftly finding the culprit.

“I think that’s absolutely fantastic,” Miles said. “It’s a relief actually. A whole lot of people feel safer now.”

h/t: Bay Area Reporter

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