Poolside Picnics, Gym Time, And A Little Bit Of Leather

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts this week.

First up, Channing Tatum snapped a dressing room selfie as he wrapped his latest movie and gets back to ‘mine time.’

Jean Paolo Di Lorenzo made for an imposing police officer. “Who wants to be arrested?”

Tyson Beckford threw a ‘summer body flex’ our way:


Andrew Walko (Bravo’s Backyard Envy) is Manscapers August calendar man:

Chef Ronnie Woo (‘The Delicious Cook’) threw a picnic by the pool:

Pierre Vuala got introspective in orange:

Wes Dupee went river rafting with a unicorn:

Artist Anthony Varrecchia went to church:


Gym Idols shared this novel way to greet buds at the gym:

SurfBearLA has big feet and he can prove it:

Doctor of Dental Medicine Curtis Fitzgerald wants you to eat “more fruit” and who are we to argue?

Writer in Red was a beefy ballerina for New Orleans’ annual Red Dress Run, and then switched things up for the evening.

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  1. When is Channing going to finally come out? Her pussy and mouth are so stretched from cock it isn’t even funny. He is a terrible actor and the only way he is getting work is from all of the cum he is swallowing.


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